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ChromeDriver crashes

To diagnose/fix ChromeDriver crashes, there are a few options.  Note, this is only for ChromeDriver crashes, which is not the same as Chrome crashing or closing.  On windows, you'll see something like this:

Create a repro case

Create a repro case that ChromeDriver contributors can use to reproduce and debug the problem.  It is ok if the crash does not occur 100% of the time.  File a bug with your repro case.  This is usually the fastest option to get help.

Get a dump of the crash (windows only)

Use the debug version of ChromeDriver (e.g.,  Like bugs, we only will look at issues with the latest version.  If the latest version doesn't have a debug build, ask for it on

Configure your system to create a fulldump on crash.  See for help.  If the fulldump is to big for emailing to the chromedriver-users googlegroup, upload it some site (e.g., google drive).  Make sure you include the exact ChromeDriver version (e.g., 2.6.233240).  Also, include a ChromeDriver verbose log.  See the logging section for how to do that.

Debugging with a dump (for advanced users)

Grab and unpack the corresponding symbol file from the chromedriver google storage site

Using WinDbg:
<ctrl-d> and choose dump file
.sympath+ SRV*C:\symbols*;D:\path\to\directory\containing\pdb
!sym noisy      # just to show any problems we have finding symbols
ld chromedriver    # or !reload
lmvm chromedriver    # Should show chromedriver has private/debug symbols
!analyze -v    # Tells windbg to analyze the exception

Build and debug yourself

Checkout and build the debug version of chromedriver.   See the contributing section for help. When the crash happens, attach the debugger and see what is happening.  This requires some C++ experience and knowledge of your system's debugger.