I am developing a process reexamining national narratives through what I am calling “critical family history.” Critical family history research is a term I coined in the process of placing family history within an analysis informed by critical theoretical traditions. Insights from critical theoretical traditions guide analysis of how one’s family has been constructed historically within and through relations of power. To be useful, a critical theory identifies specific unjust social relationships, the roots of those relationships, and how they can be changed. Since multiple critical theories have emerged in connection with multiple social movements, I drew on insights from critical theory, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, and radical humanist feminism.

 Sleeter-Fawcett Family:
  • My family tree
  • Research situating the individual families within a socio-cultural historical context
 Family and History blog:
  • Tools and discussions for anyone interested in researching their family history, and linking family with a broader historical context.
 Lecture: Critical Family History, Race, and Historical Memory  Novel: Searching for Gemültlichkeit
  • Jessica is forced to confront burning issues in her own life when she follows a journey into the past after discovering an old letter in a box of her deceased mother's family papers.