Volunteer Info

Volunteers are welcome and needed in our school. There are many ways to volunteer – through the PTA, the classroom teacher (either in the classroom or on a field trip), or at school-wide events just to name a few. In 2012, in an effort to help ensure the safety of all of our students, the Christina School District implemented a volunteer policy requiring clearance for those who would like to volunteer in any capacity that will have the adult come in contact in students, other than their own.
The clearance you receive will be good for the length of time your child is a student in the Christina District. Only those parents that did NOT complete the volunteer process in the 2012-2013 school year need to go through the process this school year.
The process is as follows:
You must complete a School Volunteer Enrollment form and follow up with a successful background check provided by the Delaware State Police. Please return the completed form to the school’s main office. The staff there will provide you with a voucher for a Certified Criminal Background Check. Once the background check is completed successfully, the district (and in turn the school) will be notified and you will be ready to volunteer.