PBS at Marshall

Thurgood Marshall where Kids are the C.O.R.E.

Overall Respect
Excel Everyday in Every Way
     PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support and is a program that all schools in the Christina School District participate in.  PBS is a school wide program and the focus of the program is to encourage and recognize students for appropriate behavior.


   The expectations we teach are the C.O.R.E. values and all of the Thurgood Marshall staff looks for these qualities in each child throughout the school day. When a student demonstrates one of these expectations they are rewarded.  Your student may receive a compliment, praise, or a C.O.R.E. buck for their appropriate behavior.  If a student receives a C.O.R.E. buck they may "cash out" for small prizes within their classroom or for school wide activities.


   The basic idea behind the program is to have consistency throughout the building to help students learn appropriate behaviors.  Try to encourage your student to follow the C.O.R.E. expectations

Monthly Celebrations

Will go from 1:30 to 2:00pm for most celebrations.
Will go from 2:10-2:40pm for most celebrations.