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Mosiac Videos

The Story of the ELCA

How did the ELCA start? Find out in this 30 minute documentary from MOSAIC. The video features rare footage and interviews with key leaders from the ELCA's three predecessor church bodies, the Lutheran Church in America, the American Lutheran Church and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches. 

ELCA Identity

In "ELCA Identity" Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson explores what it means to be the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This brief introduction to ELCA identity was produced for and shown at the 2006 synod assemblies. Together with the accompanying discussion guide, it can be an effective educational tool in ELCA congregations. 

Opening the Door to Luther with Rick Steves

Join public television host, author and ELCA Lutheran Rick Steves as Mosaic takes you on a journey through Lutherland! Travel from Eisleben where Luther was born to the university town of Wittenberg where he taught and preached. After a pilgrimage south to the Vatican in Rome, the program follows the tumultuous events of the Reformation at Worms, Erfurt, Eisenach, Marburg and Augsburg.

The 35-minute program is organized into three parts: Roman Catholic beliefs, Church history, Catholic Renewal. The program includes interviews with Roman Catholic theologians, scholars, pastors and lay people. Portions of this program were recorded in Rome, Assisi, Trent and Casino, Italy.

Understanding the Roman Catholic Church

After centuries of mistrust, indifference and even hostility, attitudes between Roman Catholics and other Christians are changing. Dialogue, cooperation and understanding is healing old wounds, locally and up to the highest organizational levels. 

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest block of Christianity. In the U.S. 65 million Roman Catholics are organized into 200 archdioceses and dioceses and more than 19,000 local Catholic parishes. Each year over one million infants and 70,000 adults are baptized in U.S. Roman Catholic churches. Yet for all its great size, influence and long history, many non-Roman Catholics understand very little about the largest Christian denomination.

Join gifted pastor, theologian and Grace Matters radio host Peter Marty on a journey across the Holy Land. From Nazareth and Bethlehem where it all began, to Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan Valley, the Mount of Transfiguration and finally Jerusalem. 


Introducing Jesus of Nazareth

"Introducing Jesus of Nazareth" is a straightforward, concise re-telling of the Gospel story. Helping Peter Marty tell the story, are a diverse group of pastors from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is central to the Christian faith. Martin Luther saw Jesus present in, with and under the sacrament. Featuring the insights of Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago scholars Craig A. Satterlee and Kurt K. Hendel, this DVD explores the biblical foundations for Holy Communion, and reviews the Reformation history that defines modern Christian understandings of Holy Communion. 

Spotlighting stories from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Ander, Texas, we also discover ways in which Christians practice Holy Communion in a variety of congregational settings. 

Understanding Islam

What do Muslims believe? Who was the Prophet Mohammed? How does Islam relate to the Christian faith? This video helps your understand Islam. 

Islam is among the world's fastest-growing religions. Since September 11, interest in Islam and the growing number of Muslim neighbors in the United States has skyrocketed. MOSAIC visits the oldest mosque in America--located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, since 1935--and spends time in the largest Muslim community in the U.S., Dearborn, Mich. The video includes interviews with Islamic scholars and Christian theologians, as well as people on the street. 

Lutheran Roots in America

Who were the first Lutherans in the new world? Why did they come and what did they find when they got here? From Swedes to Danes to Germans and Norwegians, Lutheran Roots in America recounts the dramatic tale of Lutheran migration to America. You will learn about Muhlenberg, the Saxons, Hans Neilson Hauge, the Salzburgers and others. Designed for new member and confirmation classes, this video will help congregations understand their history.

J.S. Bach: Glory to God Alone

Glory to God Alone: The Life of J.S. Bach is an award winning introduction to the great composer. Awarded the DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award for best in class, the video features scenes from Eisenach, Ohrdruf, Weimar, Kothen, Muhlhausen and of course, Leipzig and showcases insights from noted J. S. Bach scholars Christoph Wolff, Robin Leaver and guitar virtuoso Christopher Parkening.

Good Grandparenting

When your children have children, you become a grandparent. That's the easy part. But what is a good grandparent? What is a faithful grandparent? Today there are more grandparents than ever. Nearly 60 million Americans are over the age of 55, and grandparenting roles once modeled by their grandparents have changed dramatically. 

Americans live longer and are more mobile than any generation before. High divorce rates and single parent homes have opened new roles for grandparents as primary care givers and 4 million grandparents are primarily responsible for raising their grandchildren. Some grandparents are legally prevented from seeing, or even contacting their grandchildren. 

Other older adults are fulfilling non-biological grandparenting roles by being surrogate grandparents. Given the many changes in our society and in the make-up of the family, many grandparents wonder what their role is? What do children need and how can grandparents use their talents and influence to fulfill those needs?

Katie Luther: The Morning Star of Wittenberg

Katie Luther: The Morning Star of Wittenberg looks at the life of the woman Katie Luther, the woman who helped 16th century reformer Martin Luther change the course of history. 

Featuring the insights of noted Luther experts Dr. Kirsi Stjerna, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and theologian Dr. Martin Treu, Wittenberg, Germany this video sheds new light on an often overlooked partner in the reformation. 

The Holy Spirit

From creation to Pentecost to our world today, the third person of the trinity blows into our lives like a divine wind, inspiring, prompting and leading us to Jesus Christ. 

Discover what the Bible, Martin Luther and ordinary Christians have to say about the Holy Spirit. Learn how the Holy Spirit moves throughout the church in homeless shelters, revival services and a creative, emerging ministry in the most un-churched part of North America. 

Introducing the New Testament

Introducing the New Testament combines Holy Land footage, medieval art and the scholarship of ELCA college faculties to introduce you to the New Testament. Where did we get our New Testament? When was it written? To whom was it written? What is the difference between a gospel and an epistle?

The Disappearing 20-Somethings

Why is it so hard for Christian congregations to attract young adults? Why do some children grow up in the church only to drift away after high school? How many of those young adults are returning to the church in their 30s? And what about those young adults who never left the church? Are congregations meeting their needs?

The Disappearing 20-Sometings explores these questions by talking with young adults from across the country. We also interview experts in the field of young adult ministry and profile some exciting ministries that are reaching young adults where they live.