Welcome to our wedding site, we are so thrilled that you will be celebrating our big day with us. Whether you are joining us for the wedding on the beach in Antigua, celebrating at the Summer party in Fjellerup, Denmark or both, we hope that this site will be helpful. Here you will find information about the place, ceremony and links to help you plan and book your trip. If you are missing anything on the site please let us know, so we can add it - thank you.

The Proposal

Chris proposed during our holiday in Antigua, on what I thought was 'just' another beautiful day under the surface. The dive site was Hercules Pillars just around the corner from the hotel, it was the second dive of the day and a beautiful site. Both dive instructors had been led in on the secret in the morning while I was clueless setting up my dive gear on the boat, Chris just 'had to check something with the camera'! Distracted by our fantastic dive master Linda, looking for a none existing turtle, Chris was getting ready with the boards behind me. Disappointed that I had missed the turtle I turned around to locate my dive buddy and there on the sandy bottom he was, kneeling and asking me to marry him! The salt water in my mask was not all from the atlantic on that dive:-)