이진권 전무 바이오
 (현) SAS 코리아 SSP 본부 전무, CTO
ㆍ (현) 국무총리실 공공데이터 전략위원회 전문위원(빅데이터 분과)
ㆍ (현) 공공데이터 전략위 실무위원(빅데이터 분과)
ㆍ 2007년: SAS코리아 솔루션 서비스 본부장
 1993년: 한국 오라클 컨설팅 본부 솔루션 컨설팅 팀장
 1988년: 큐닉스 데이터 시스템 소프트웨어 엔지니어

Jin K Lee Profile
Jin K. Lee joined SAS Institute Korea as the head of Solution Services Professionals (SSP) Division on
2007. In his current role (Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Technology Officer, SAS Korea), he is
responsible for helping customers to solve business analytics problems in area of Big Data Analytics
from defining the right strategy, selecting the appropriate implementation approach, optimizing the
design of analytics organization, sharing the best practices, facilitating executives to change their culture
to ‘Data-Driven Decision Making’ as well as advocating SAS value and vision to the public. In his public
role, he is the civil advisory board member of Government 3.0 - Big Data Unit (Open Government
Initiative in Korea). Prior to SAS Korea, he worked for Oracle for 15 years in various consulting fields
such as DBA, client/server architect, DW and DB Marketing, CRM, Risk & Profitability Financial Service
Applications, NGS Core-insurance and so on. He was involved in various strategic projects in financial
services, telecommunication, manufacturing, service providers and government. He also has experience
in various roles such as technical consulting, professional service, change management, technical management.