시엔관홍 바이오

MAG.Inc 창업 (후에 상장)

Foxconn에서 10년동안 근무하면서 최연소 사업담당 임원(business unit head) 역임

iPod, Amazon Kindle, tablets, Lenovo mobile제작  개발에 참여

1300 이상 특허 출원(미국에서만 140 특허)

1MORE 중국 최대규모의 이어폰 업체로 성장

2014 중국 경제인  한명으로 선정

Gary Hsieh Profile

Co-founded MAG.Inc and went public

Served in Foxconn for 10 years and known as the youngest BU head in group

Made: iPod, Amazon Kindle, tablets, and Lenovo mobile

Over 1300 patents globally and more than 140 in the US

1MORE became Top 1 earphone brand in China

Chinese annual economic figures in 2014