Young-Gak Yun


파빌리온 인베스트먼트 회장


現 파빌리온인베스트먼트 회장 (2015. 08 ~)

現 엠씨파빌리온대체투자 회장 (2013. 1~현재)

現 엠와이 소셜컴퍼니 대표이사(공동) 회장 (2011.12~현재)

現 Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited, Senior Adviser (China, 2015.2 ~현재)

現 세계경제포럼(WEF) GAC(Global Agenda Council) 위원

KTB Private Equity 대표이사 / 회장 (2014. 9~2015.07)

파인스트리트 그룹 대표이사 / 회장 (2012.7~2014.08)

KPMG 인터내셔널 이사회 이사 (2010.10~2012)

삼정KPMG 그룹 대표이사 회장 (2001. 6~2011.5)

삼정법률사무소 / 삼정컨설팅 대표이사 (1991. 6~2001.5)


미국 Duke University 법률학 박사 (1988)

미국 University of Chicago 경영학 석사 (1980)

미국 University of Pennsylvania 경제학 학사 (1977)

Young-Gak Yun

Chairman, Pavilion Investment Corporation

Young-Gak (Ken) Yun is currently the founder of Pavilion Investment Corporation and Founding Chairman of MC Pavilion Alternative Investment.

And he was the Chairman / CEO of KTB Private Equity (“KTB PE”) which is a private equity investment firm based in Korea with the longest history, exemplary investment track record, and the most extensive global footprint.

Young-Gak (Ken) Yun was the Group Chairman of KPMG Korea and a member of KPMG’s global board. Present in over 150 countries worldwide, and generating combined revenues of over US$20 billion, KPMG is among the world’s leading accounting, tax and advisory firms. As the founding CEO and current Chairman of Samjong KPMG, in less than a decade Mr. Yun has grown the KPMG Korea business to be a leading firm in Korea with 2,700 professionals.

He has received numerous national honors and awards for his contributions to the development of the national economy, such as the ‘Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit’, ‘Best CEO to Lead the Korean Economy’ by the Korea Economic Daily Business, ‘Top Korean Business Leaders’ by the MK Economy News, and ‘Among the Most Powerful Business Leaders in Korea’ by Fortune Korea in 2011 and 2012.


Duke Law School (J.D. & L.L.M) (1988)

University of Chicago (M.B.A) (1980)

University of Pennsylvania (B.A. Economics) (1977)

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Public Accountant, Maryland (1983)

Attorney at Law, New York (1988)