Seungjin Lee

이승진 / 그레이해쉬 대표

- 세종대학교 인터넷공학과 학사

- 고려대학교 정보보호대학원 석/박사 통합 과정 재학 중

- 정보보안인력양성프로그램 BoB 멘토

- 블랙햇 아시아 심사위원

- 블랙햇 라스베가스, CANSECWEST, SYSCAN 등 해외 유명 보안 컨퍼런스 다수 발표

- 정보보안 기업 그레이해쉬 설립 & 대표

- 미국 데프콘 본선 6회 진출

- 유명 기업 제품들에서 다수의 제로데이 취약점 발견 및 리포트

- 버그 바운티 프로그램 iDefense, ZDI, Hackerone 참여

- 캐나다 RECON ZDI 해킹 대회 우승

- 사이버사령부 자문위원

- 삼성SDS통합보안센터 기술자문위원

SeungJin Lee / CEO, GrayHash

SeungJin Lee has been a member of the IT security field since 2000. His first company was Cyber Research based in Seoul, South Korea and first focused on pen-testing. He then got a Computer Engineering B.A. degree from Sejong University.

He has won more than 10 global CTF hacking contests in his country as well as passed DefCon quals 6 times. He has sold his research to major security companies like HackerOne, iDefense and ZDI (Recon ZDI contest). He has run numerous security conferences and hacking contests such as SECUINSIDE in Korea. Also, he has given talks at BLACKHAT, SYSCAN, CANSECWEST, AVTOKYO, HITCON and TROOPERS. Hunting bugs and exploiting them are his main interest. He runs a IT security company called GrayHash and is now a graduate student at CIST SANE LAB, Korea University. He's also named to advisory council for Cyber Command in Korea and Samsung SDS Security Center.