Myung-Soon Park


SK Telecom 미래기술원장


2013 ~ 현재 SK Telecom 미래기술원장

2012 BioInformatics, 반도체 Tech. Lab장

2010 ~ 2011 SK홀딩스 TIC(Technology Innovation Center) 팀장

2006 ~ 2009  기술기반 신성장 과제 기획 팀장

2000 ~2005  이동통신망 네트웍 진화 전략

1993 ~ 1999  중앙연구원 연구원

1993. 2  부산대학교 컴퓨터공학과 석사

Myeongsoon Park

Head Director, Future Technology R&D Center of SK Telecom

Mrs. Park has 22 years of experience in the telecommunication and information technology industries. Since joining SK Telecom in 1993, she has held a broad range of telecom network positions in network engineering, network management and strategic planning. Over the last six years, she became known as the expert in utilizing telecom asset to improve external industry, as she led numerous R&D projects in bioinformatics, healthcare diagnostic devices, semiconductor and Information technology, working with related companies within and outside of SK Group. Currently, she is the Head of Future Technology R&D Center of SK Telecom and manages labs in video analytics, human-to-machine interface, Hadoop tech. and AI(Artificial Intelligence). Mrs. Park received B.S and M.S in Computer Engineering from Pusan National University.