minpyo hong


에스이웍스 대표

  • 현 SEWORKS 대표이사 (2012 – 현재)

  • 유명 해커그룹 와우해커 설립자 및 리더 (1998 – 현재)

  • 고려대학교 정보보호대학원 (박사과정) 재학중

  • 세계 최고 해킹방어대회 DEF CON 본선 5년 연속 진출

  • 전 쉬프트웍스 대표이사 역임 (2008 – 2012)

  • 대한민국 IT Innovation 대상 특별상 (2011) 등 다수 수상

  • 행정안전부 장관 표창 (2010)

Min Pyo Hong


Min Pyo Hong, CEO and Founder of SEWORKS, holds over 20 years of experience in security software. As an expert of the industry, he has advised corporations, NGOs, and governments on digital security issues. He is also an outstanding entrepreneur with experience in a successful exit of his previous company, SHIFTWORKS, in 2010. He is the founder and president of a non-profit research institute, WOWHACKER Collective. He is a five-time consecutive finalist at DEF CON, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Computer and information Systems Security/Information Assurance at Korea University.