Jin-Su Han


(주)하이비젼 시스템 신제품 개발실 이사

하이비젼시스템의 신제품개발실 실장으로 근무하고 있다.

동사에서 2013년까지 Digital Image System연구를 진행했고, 2014년부터 3D프린터 및 스캐너 개발을 담당하고 있다.

1990년부터 2012년까지는 SETi(코스닥상장기업) 및 SK Hynix (구, 현대전자)에서 메모리반도체와 CMOS Image Sensor의 소자/공정 개발을 담당하였다.

연세대학교에서 물리학을 공부하였고 1990년 이학석사학위를 취득하였다.

Han, Jinsu

Director, New Product Development Division of HyVISION SYSTEM Inc.

Jinsu Han is currently engaged as a head of New Products Development division at HyVISION SYSTEM (Gyeonggi-do, Korea), which was established in 2002 and has been remarkably growing as a Korean leading manufacturer of 3D printer.

He is dedicated in development of Digital Image System at HyVISION SYSTEM by 2013, and has been in charge of developing 3D Printer and scanner achieving the reputation from domestic and overseas market with its high reliability and quality.

Previously from 1990 to 2012, he had involved in Memory Semiconductor & CMOS Image Sensor development at SETi (KOSDAQ Listed company) and SK Hynix (Former Hyundai Electronics).

He holds a Master of Science from the University of Yonsei (Seoul, Korea)