Jay Nagley

Jay Nagley

Jay has been associated with the car industry since working for Porsche in the late 1980s.

Through the 1990s he ran the UK division of a major German consultancy, which included projects such as:

  • The future of electric vehicles, in association with Lotus Engineering

  • The global market potential for a Jaguar SUV

  • The global market potential for a major UK Tier 1

In 1998 he set up his own consultancy, Spyder Redspy Ltd. This supplied market analysis and strategic advice to car manufacturers, including projects such as

  • “Feel the Difference” – Ford’s strategy to focus on vehicle dynamics

  • Building a CO2 modelling system for the whole of the VW Group to predict and monitor the progress of each brand towards the EU CO2 limits. This led to tangible changes in product planning.

  • Developing a CO2 engine efficiency calculator for a major German premium brand

He ran the company until 2014, when he left to join the Automotive Investment Organisation, which was established in 2013 to accelerate the pace of inward investment into the UK automotive sector.