Dong Il Park


현대자동차 연구개발본부 전자기술센터장

2013 ~ 현재 연구개발본부 전자기술센터장

            (자동차 전자 아키텍처, 네트워크, 바디 제어, 전력 제어, 능동 안전 시스템, 운전 지원 시스템, 생체 센서 등의 자동차 전자개발 담당)

2005 ~ 현대자동차

1986 ~ 기아자동차

Dong-Il Park

Vice President, Electronics Technology Center in Research Development Division, Hyundai Motor Company

Dongil Park, Vice President at Hyundai Motor Company, has been working for HMC since 1986 and through 30 years of hard work, he was appointed as the director of Electronics Technology Center in Research and Development Division in 2013. He is currently responsible for the development and validation of vehicle electronics including electric architecture design, network, body control module, power management, active safety systems, driver assistance systems, biometric sensors.