Alex Stephany

알렉스 스테파니
JustPark 창업자 
Park at My 창업자
알렉스 스테파니가 창업한 주차장 공유 서비스는 공용 주차장부터 호텔 주차장까지 사용하지 않는 공간을 공유함으로써 수많은 수요를 창출해냈다. 
저스트 파크는 인덱스 벤처 (Index Venture)와 BMW의 벤처 투자 계열사인 BMW i Ventures의 투자를 받고 있다.

Alex Stephany
CEO, JustPark

Alex Stephany is an entrepreneur and writer based in London. Educated at Haberdashers' Aske's School and Oxford University where he took a First in English Literature, Alex is the author of The Business of Sharing: the authoritative, critically-acclaimed guide to the sharing economy. Alex has lived and worked in China, Paris, the Czech Republic and the US. Starting his career as a corporate lawyer, Alex serves as CEO of JustPark (formerly, the world's largest peer-to-peer parking website. The service generates millions of pounds annually for families, churches and businesses, ranging from high street retailers to the world's largest parking companies and hotel groups, by letting them rent out their parking spaces when they are not being used. At the same time, its web and mobile applications provide cheap parking without parking tickets to over half a million drivers. JustPark is backed by Index Ventures and BMW i Ventures, the venture capital arm of BMW.