2015 국내강연자

Jong Hyun Wi


중앙대 경영학부 교수 / UCLA 방문교수

2010~현재 UCLA CRESST, Visiting Professor

(현)증권선물거래소 코스닥 상장심사 기술평가 전문가

(현)소비자분쟁조정위원회 인터넷 게임 전문위원회 전문위원

(전)국회 과학기술정보통신위원회 정보통신정책 자문위원

(전)문화체육관광부 저작권위원회 위원

도쿄대 정보대학원 교환교수

도쿄대 대학원 경영학박사 (전략경영 /기술혁신경영 전공)

서울대학교 경영학과 졸업


Professor, Faculty of Business, ChungAng University

Visiting Professor, UCLA 

Jong H. Wi is a professor of Chung-Ang University Korea, Visiting Professor of CRESST(National Center of Research on Evaluation, Standard and Student Testing) UCLA, USA. Also, He is a president of Contents Management Institute, Korea, vice president of Japanese Online Game Focused Association, Japan, advisory member of the Korean government and National Assembly, and consultant of many Korean and foreign game companies and governments.

He is an expert and well-known researcher on G-learning (Game Based Learning) and Internet and IT industry around the world. He has published numerous books, academic papers, white papers and business reports on these fields.

He was invited as a keynote speaker for the International Game Convention Conference held in Germany in 2009 and Digital Hollywood Conference at LA Spring 2010 and Fall 2010. He was also invited speaker at the annual conference of America Educational Research Association(AERA) held in Vancouver Canada, April 2012. 

He wrote books on games, virtual business industry and G learning in the perspective of innovation such as Innovation and Strategy of Online games (Imperial College Press, UK), Industrial Development Strategy of Online Games (Tsinghua University Press, 2008, Chinese), Culture Marketing (Hankyungsa, 2008, Korean), Business Strategy of Second Life (Joong-Ang books, 2007, Korean), Innovation Strategy of Japanese Firms (Jipmundang, 2007, Korean), The Research of Korean Online game Business (Toyokeizaishinposha, 2006, Japanese), etc.

SukHan Lee


성균관대 정보통신대학 행단 석좌 교수


2014-현재: 성균관대학교 정보통신대학 행단 석좌교수, 지능시스템연구소 창립소장(2003-현재)

2011-2013: 성균관대학교 일반 대학원장

2003-2014: 성균관대학교 정보통신공학부 정교수, 인터렉션 사이언스 WCU 교수(2008-2013)

1998-2003: 삼성종합기술원 연구소장/섹터장, 전무

1990-1997: NASA JPL/California Institute of Technology 책임연구원

1983-1997: 미국 남가주 대학(USC) 교수


미국 퍼듀 대학교 전기 전자공학 박사, 1982

서울대학교 전기공학 석사, 1974/학사, 1972


 Suk-Han Lee

Haengdan Distinguished Chair Professor, Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University

Employment History

2014-present: Haengdan Distingushed Chair Professor, Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Institute at Sungkyunkwan University(2003-Present)

2011-2013: Dean of Graduate Studies, Sungkyunkwan University

2003-2013 : Professor of  Information and Communication Engineering , Sungkyunkwan University, WCU Professor of Interaction Science(2008-2013)

1998–2003: Managing Director/Chief Research Officer, Executive Vice President, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.

1990-1997: Senior Member of Technical Staff , Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA, California Institute of Technology.

1983-1997: Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Southern California.


Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, 1982

M.S. and B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University, 1974, 1972

Seung-Woo Seo


서울대학교 전기∙정보공학부 교수

서승우 교수는 서울대학교 전기∙정보공학부에 재직 중이며, 정부의 지원을 받아 설립한 지능형자동차IT연구센터(IVIT)의 센터장을 맡고 있다. 그는 한국의 서울대학교에서 전기공학으로 학사와 석사 학위를 받았고, 미국의 펜실베니아 주립대에서 전기공학 박사 학위를 받았다. 박사학위 취득 후, 미국 펜실베니아 주립대의 컴퓨터공학과에서 조교수를 지냈으며, 미국 프린스턴 대학교 전기공학과/POEM연구소에서 연구원으로 근무하였다.  INFOCOM, GLOBECOM, PIMRC, VTC, MobiSec, Vitae, ICEIC등과 같은 각종 해외학술대회와 워크샵에서 위원장을 지냈으며, 2015 IV 학회에서 조직위원장을 역임하였다. 또한 서울대학교 정보보안센터에서 5년간 센터장으로 일하였다. 그의 주요 연구분야는 자율주행차, 차량간 통신, 시스템 최적화, 정보보안 이다.

Seo Seung Woo

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

Seung-Woo Seo is the professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, and the Director of Intelligent Vehicle IT (IVIT) Research Center funded by Korean Government and Automotive Industries. He received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA, and B.S. & M.S. degrees from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, all in Electrical Engineering.  He was with the Faculty of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, and served as a Member of the Research Staff in the Department of Electrical Engineering in Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.  In 1996, he joined the Faculty of Seoul National University.  He has served as Chair or a Committee Member in various international conferences and workshops including INFOCOM, GLOBECOM, PIMRC, VTC, MobiSec, Vitae, ICEIC, etc. He is the general co-chair of IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium in 2015. He also served for five years as a Director of the Information Security Center in Seoul National University.  His research areas include automated driving, vehicular communication & network security, and system optimization.

Dong Il Park


현대자동차 연구개발본부 전자기술센터장

2013 ~ 현재 연구개발본부 전자기술센터장

            (자동차 전자 아키텍처, 네트워크, 바디 제어, 전력 제어, 능동 안전 시스템, 운전 지원 시스템, 생체 센서 등의 자동차 전자개발 담당)

2005 ~ 현대자동차

1986 ~ 기아자동차

Dong-Il Park

Vice President, Electronics Technology Center in Research Development Division, Hyundai Motor Company

Dongil Park, Vice President at Hyundai Motor Company, has been working for HMC since 1986 and through 30 years of hard work, he was appointed as the director of Electronics Technology Center in Research and Development Division in 2013. He is currently responsible for the development and validation of vehicle electronics including electric architecture design, network, body control module, power management, active safety systems, driver assistance systems, biometric sensors.

Young-Gak Yun


파빌리온 인베스트먼트 회장


現 파빌리온인베스트먼트 회장 (2015. 08 ~)

現 엠씨파빌리온대체투자 회장 (2013. 1~현재)

現 엠와이 소셜컴퍼니 대표이사(공동) 회장 (2011.12~현재)

現 Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited, Senior Adviser (China, 2015.2 ~현재)

現 세계경제포럼(WEF) GAC(Global Agenda Council) 위원

KTB Private Equity 대표이사 / 회장 (2014. 9~2015.07)

파인스트리트 그룹 대표이사 / 회장 (2012.7~2014.08)

KPMG 인터내셔널 이사회 이사 (2010.10~2012)

삼정KPMG 그룹 대표이사 회장 (2001. 6~2011.5)

삼정법률사무소 / 삼정컨설팅 대표이사 (1991. 6~2001.5)


미국 Duke University 법률학 박사 (1988)

미국 University of Chicago 경영학 석사 (1980)

미국 University of Pennsylvania 경제학 학사 (1977)

Young-Gak Yun

Chairman, Pavilion Investment Corporation

Young-Gak (Ken) Yun is currently the founder of Pavilion Investment Corporation and Founding Chairman of MC Pavilion Alternative Investment.

And he was the Chairman / CEO of KTB Private Equity (“KTB PE”) which is a private equity investment firm based in Korea with the longest history, exemplary investment track record, and the most extensive global footprint.

Young-Gak (Ken) Yun was the Group Chairman of KPMG Korea and a member of KPMG’s global board. Present in over 150 countries worldwide, and generating combined revenues of over US$20 billion, KPMG is among the world’s leading accounting, tax and advisory firms. As the founding CEO and current Chairman of Samjong KPMG, in less than a decade Mr. Yun has grown the KPMG Korea business to be a leading firm in Korea with 2,700 professionals.

He has received numerous national honors and awards for his contributions to the development of the national economy, such as the ‘Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit’, ‘Best CEO to Lead the Korean Economy’ by the Korea Economic Daily Business, ‘Top Korean Business Leaders’ by the MK Economy News, and ‘Among the Most Powerful Business Leaders in Korea’ by Fortune Korea in 2011 and 2012.


Duke Law School (J.D. & L.L.M) (1988)

University of Chicago (M.B.A) (1980)

University of Pennsylvania (B.A. Economics) (1977)

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Public Accountant, Maryland (1983)

Attorney at Law, New York (1988)

Jin-Hong Kim


그린카 대표

2015 ~ 그린카 대표이사, ㈜롯데렌탈 신사업추진본부장

2013 ~ 2015 그린카 대표이사, ㈜케이티렌탈 신사업추진본부장

2003 ~ 2013 ㈜케이티렌탈 강남지점장

1990 ~ 2003 금호렌터카㈜ 동부영업본부장

고려대학교 MBA

경희대학교 회계학과 학사

Jin Hong Kim

CEO, Greencar

2015 ~ greencar CEO & New Business BU, LOTTE rental

2013 ~ 2015 greencar CEO & New Business BU, kt rental

2003 ~ 2013 Gangnam branch manager, kt rental

1990 ~ 2003  Eastern Sales BU manager, Kumho rent-a-car

Master of business Administration in Korea University

Bachelor of Accounting in kyung Hee University

Woon-Tack Woo


한국과학기술원(KAIST, 카이스트) 문화기술대학원 교수


2014-현재 한국 HCI학회 회장

2011-현재 한국차세대컴퓨팅학회 부회장

2010-현재 한국정보과학회 CGI 소사이어티 부회장

2012-현재 KAIST 교수

2005-2012 GIST CT연구소장

2001-2012 GIST 교수

1999-2001 ATR, Japan 초빙연구원

1991-1992 삼성종합기술원/삼성전자 연구원

1993-1998 박사, 전기공학-시스템 전공, USC, LA, USA

1989-1991 석사, 전자공학, 포항공과대학교

1989-1991 학사, 전자공학, 경북대학교

Woon-Tack Woo

Professor, Graduate School of Culture Technology, Korea advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)

Education / Work

2014-Current President, Korea HCI Society

2011-Current Vice President, Korea Institute of Next Generation PC

2010-Current Vice President, KIISE CGI Society

2012-Current  Professor KAIST

2005-2012 Director, GIST CTRI

2001-2012 Professor, GIST

1999-2001 Invited Researcher, ATR, Japan

1991-1992 Researcher, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

1993-1998 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering-Systems, USC, LA, USA

1989-1991 MS Electronics Engineering, POSTECH

1989-1991 BS Electronics Engineering, KNU

Bum-Jae You


한국과학기술연구원(KIST) 실감교류인체감응솔루션 연구단 단장


2010. 10. - 현재. (재)실감교류인체감응솔루션연구단 단장

2004. 3. - 현재. UST HCI 및 로봇공학과 교수

1994. 10. - 현재. 한국과학기술연구원 로봇미디어연구소 책임연구원

2004. 4. - 2011. 8. 한국과학기술연구원 인지로봇연구단 단장

1991. 3. - 1994. 9. (주)터보테크 기술연구소 연구실장


1987. 3. - 1991. 2. KAIST 전기및전자공학과 박사

1985. 3. - 1987. 2. KAIST 전기및전자공학과 석사

1981. 3. - 1985. 2. 서울대학교 공과대학 제어계측공학과 학사

Bum-Jae You

Director, Center of Human-Centered Interaction for Coexistence, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)


2010. 10. - Present. Director of the Center of Human-centered Interaction for Coexistence

2004. 3. - Present. Professor, Department of HCI & Robotics, UST (University of Science and Technology), Korea

1994. 10. - Present. Principal Research Scientist, Interaction and Robotics Research Center, KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)

2004. 4. - 2011. 8. Head of the Center for Cognitive Robotics, KIST

1991. 3. - 1994. 9. Head of Robotics Division, Turbo-tek Co. Ltd., Korea


1987. 3. - 1991. 2. Ph.D., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, KAIST

1985. 3. - 1987. 2. M.S., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, KAIST

1981. 3. - 1985. 2. B.S., Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Seoul National University

HanGyoon Kim


이랜텍 이사

2006.2  ~                    ㈜ 이랜텍 R&D Center 이사

2000.9  ~  2006.1       ㈜ Raymedia R&D Center 수석 연구원

1997.9  ~  2000.8       DVS Korea Co.,Ltd R&D Center 수석 연구원

1995.3  ~  1997. 8      ㈜현대전자 Multi media R&D Center 전임 연구원

1995.2   아주대학교 대학원 전자공학과 석사 졸업

1993.2   아주대학교 전자공학과 학사 졸업


Director, R&D Center DS team, Elentec Co., Ltd

2006.2  ~                    Elntec CO.,LTD. R&D Center, Director

2000.9  ~  2006.1       Raymedia CO.,LTD. R&D Center, Chief Engineer

1997.9  ~  2000.8       DVS Korea CO.,LTD. R&D Center, Chief Engineer

1995.3  ~  1997.8       HyunDai CO.,LTD. Media R&D Center, S/W Engineer

Mar.1993 – Feb. 1995  Ajou Graduate University MS in Electronics Engineering

   Master’s thesis : Analysis Video/Audio recognition filter

Mar.1986 – Feb.1993   Ajou University BS in Electronics Engineering


KyungChul Shin

유진로봇 대표이사

현) 코스닥협회장
현) 한국공학한림원 정회원
현) 한국로봇산업협회 부회장
전) 한국지능로봇협회장
전) 한국로봇산업연구조합 이사장

미시간 대학교 기계공학 박사
서울대학교 기계설사 석사, 학사

Kyung Chul Shin
President, Yujin Robot

Chairman of Kosdaq Listed Companies Association
Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea
Executive Vice President, Korea Association of Robot Industry
Former President, Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association
Former Chairman, Korea Association of Robotics

Ph.D from University of Michigan, USA
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University

Sung-Jin Hong


한화테크윈 선행기술연구소 상무


2012년 2월 ~ 현재 한화 테크윈 선행기술연구소 상무로 재직 中 (자율주행 등 서비스 로봇개발)

1994년 2월 ~ 2012년 2월 삼성전자 생산기술연구소 재직 (반도체 분야 산업용 로봇개발)


1994년 2월 한양대학교 대학원 공과대학 기계설계 공학과 석사 (전공: 로보틱스)

1992년 2월 한양대학교 공과대학 기계설계공학과 졸업

포상 및 활동

2014년 ~ 현재 한국 로봇 학회 실무임원으로 활동 中

2012년 테크윈 CEO 상 수상 (차세대 네트워크 모션 컨트롤러 개발)

2006년 삼성그룹 Project Incentive 본상 대표상 수상 (8세대 LCD 라인 로봇 및 운송 시스템 설계)

논문 및 특허

특허 Transfer Robot and Control Method (2010년) 外 14 件

논문 Introduction for Arc Welding Robot System of Samsung (1994년) 外 3 件

Sungjin Hong

Vice President, Hanwha Techwin Co., LTD Advanced Technology Center


Advanced Technology Center, Hanwha Techwin (Feb. 2012 ~ present)

Developed service robot including autonomous driving robot, controller and UAV

Mechatronics Center R&D Dept., Samsung Electronics (Feb. 1994 ~ Feb. 2012)

Developed industrial robot for producing semiconductor


M.S. Robotics, Mechanical Design Engineering, College of Engineering, Hanyang University(Feb. 1994)

(Thesis: A Study on Shaking Forces and Moments of Two Co-working Robots mounted on an AGV)

B.A. Mechanical Design Engineering, College of Engineering, Hanyang University(Feb. 1992)

Honors and awards

Director of KROS (Korea Robotics Society, 2014 ~ present)

Recipient of Techwin CEO Award (Development of Next Generation Network Motion Controller, 2012)

Recipient of Samsung Group Project Incentive Award (Design of Robot and Logistics System for 8th

Generation LCD Fab in Samsung Electronics, 2006)

Publications and patents

Total 15 patents including ‘Transfer Robot and Control Method’ (2010)

Total 4 publications including ‘Introduction for Arc Welding Robot System of Samsung’ (IROS 1994)

Nam-Kug Kim


서울 아산병원 영상의학과 교수

2014~ 현재  울산대 의과대학 융합의학과(의료영상처리) 조교수 2014~ 현재  마이크로/나노 의료로봇 기술개발 및 산업클러스터 구축 사업 기획위원 2014-2016  식품의약품안전평가원 의료기기 외부전문가 3D프린팅과 의료기술을 융합하는 연구 진행 서울대 산업공학 학사, 석사, 박사

Nam-Kug Kim

Professor, Department of Convergence Medicine, Asan Medical Center


Assistant professor in dept. of convergence medicine, Univ. of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center (2014.03~) Researcher – research assistant professor in Radiology, Univ. of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center (2004.08~2014.02) Somansa Inc. 1997~1999, Cybermed Inc. 1999~2002, Clinical Imaging Solution Inc. 2007~2013, merged into Coreline Soft Inc.


Post-doc research fellow, The Brain Institute, Univ. of Utah, USA (2008.09-2009.10)

Studied MR spectroscopy, Brain/neuro imaging processing, American life

BS-PhD, Seoul National University, Industrial Engineering, Seoul, South Korea (1991.03-2008.02) Studied Optimization, Statistics, Computer Aided Design, Computer Science, Photography, etc

Jin-Su Han


(주)하이비젼 시스템 신제품 개발실 이사

하이비젼시스템의 신제품개발실 실장으로 근무하고 있다.

동사에서 2013년까지 Digital Image System연구를 진행했고, 2014년부터 3D프린터 및 스캐너 개발을 담당하고 있다.

1990년부터 2012년까지는 SETi(코스닥상장기업) 및 SK Hynix (구, 현대전자)에서 메모리반도체와 CMOS Image Sensor의 소자/공정 개발을 담당하였다.

연세대학교에서 물리학을 공부하였고 1990년 이학석사학위를 취득하였다.

Han, Jinsu

Director, New Product Development Division of HyVISION SYSTEM Inc.

Jinsu Han is currently engaged as a head of New Products Development division at HyVISION SYSTEM (Gyeonggi-do, Korea), which was established in 2002 and has been remarkably growing as a Korean leading manufacturer of 3D printer.

He is dedicated in development of Digital Image System at HyVISION SYSTEM by 2013, and has been in charge of developing 3D Printer and scanner achieving the reputation from domestic and overseas market with its high reliability and quality.

Previously from 1990 to 2012, he had involved in Memory Semiconductor & CMOS Image Sensor development at SETi (KOSDAQ Listed company) and SK Hynix (Former Hyundai Electronics).

He holds a Master of Science from the University of Yonsei (Seoul, Korea)

Dong Hyun Kim


팹랩서울 매니저

2015 팹랩 인스트럭터, 메사츄세츠공과대학, Center of Bits and Atoms / Fab Academy 2015

2013 개방형 혁신을 위한 공공 디지털 제작소 ‘팹랩(FAB LAB)’ / 대한건축학회

2013 팹랩서울 매니저

2013 타이드인스티튜트 책임연구원

2012 GM Global PACE PAMD Project

2012 홍익대학교 전자전기공학과, 기계시스템디자인공학과 학사

Kim, Dong-Hyun

Manager, Fab Lab Seoul

2015 Fab Lab Instructor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center of Bits and Atoms / Fab Academy 2015

2013 FAB LAB : Collaborative Digital Manufacturing Laboratory for Open Innovation / Architectural Institute of Korea

2013 Fab Lab Seoul, Manager

2013 TIDE Institute, Principal Researcher

2012 GM Global PACE PAMD Project, Mechanical Engineer

2012 Hongik University, Mechanical System Design Engineering / Bachelor’s degree

2012 Hongik University, Electrical & Electronic Engineering / Bachelor’s degree

Jae Boong Choi


성균관대학교 기계공학부 교수

올해 4월부터 웨어러블 스마트기기 추진단 추진단장을 역임하고 있고, 2011년부터 스마트 융합 디자인 연구소 (스마디) 연구소장을 맡고 있다. 또 2013년부터 현재까지 원자력안전위원회 안전위원을 역임하고 있으며, 2012년부터 2년 간 산학협력선도대학육성(LINC) 사업단 본부장을 맡았고, 2002년부터 현재까지 성균관대학교 기계공학부에서 교수로 재직중이다.

성균관대학교에서 기계공학 학사 및 동대학원 석사 학위를 취득했고, 캐나다 워털루 대학 (University of Waterloo)에서 기계공학 석사 및 박사학위를 취득했다.

Jae Boong Choi

Professor in Mechanical Engineering at SungKyunKwan University

Prof. Choi is currently Director of Wearable Smart Device Initiative, Commissioner of Nuclear Safety and Security Commission,  Director of Research of SMARDI (Smart Convergence Design institute),  Director of research center for Gyeonggi Small and Medium Enterprise Policy Institute.

He earned his degree of B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at SungKyunKwan University, and earned another M.S. in the same major from University of Waterlook, Canada.

John Choe


인코어드 테크놀로지스 대표

최종웅 대표는 2013년부터 인코어드테크놀로지스 대표를 역임하고 있다. 금성계전에서 LG산전, LS산전으로 겉모습을 바꾸는 동안 꾸준히 근무하며 LS산전에서 전무, CTO, 부사장, 사장을 차례로 역임했고, 30년 간의 직장 생활을 끝내며 인코어드테크놀로지스와 새로운 도전을 시작했다.

부산대학교에서 기계공학과 학사를 취득했고 충남대학교 컴퓨터공학과에서 석사와 박사학위를 수여받은 뒤 2012년에 고려대학교 글로벌 최고경영자과정을 수료했다.

John Choe

CEO, ENCORED Technologies

John Choe is the current CEO of ENCORED Technologies. Prior to joining the ENCORED Technologies, he has been working for nearly 30 years at LSIS (LS Industrial Systems, former LG Industrial Systems) and was the President of LSIS in 2012.

He is an expert at International Board Member of IEC-ACTAD, and Chairman of IEC-ACTAD Korea.

Recently, he was granted his MBA from Global CEO in Korea University, and was granted Ph.D in Signal Processing in Computer Science from University of Chung Nam National University. Prior to his Ph.D, he acquired M.A. in Image Processing from the same university, and earned B.A. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Busan National University, Korea.

Myung-Soon Park


SK Telecom 미래기술원장


2013 ~ 현재 SK Telecom 미래기술원장

2012 BioInformatics, 반도체 Tech. Lab장

2010 ~ 2011 SK홀딩스 TIC(Technology Innovation Center) 팀장

2006 ~ 2009  기술기반 신성장 과제 기획 팀장

2000 ~2005  이동통신망 네트웍 진화 전략

1993 ~ 1999  중앙연구원 연구원

1993. 2  부산대학교 컴퓨터공학과 석사

Myeongsoon Park

Head Director, Future Technology R&D Center of SK Telecom

Mrs. Park has 22 years of experience in the telecommunication and information technology industries. Since joining SK Telecom in 1993, she has held a broad range of telecom network positions in network engineering, network management and strategic planning. Over the last six years, she became known as the expert in utilizing telecom asset to improve external industry, as she led numerous R&D projects in bioinformatics, healthcare diagnostic devices, semiconductor and Information technology, working with related companies within and outside of SK Group. Currently, she is the Head of Future Technology R&D Center of SK Telecom and manages labs in video analytics, human-to-machine interface, Hadoop tech. and AI(Artificial Intelligence). Mrs. Park received B.S and M.S in Computer Engineering from Pusan National University.


Te Won Lee


퀄컴코리아 사장


퀄컴코리아 사장 (2015-현재)

퀄컴코리아 부사장 (2011.09- 2015)

퀄컴 한국 R&D 센터 소장 (2010.01-2011.08)

퀄컴 샌디에고, 엔지니어링부문 이사 (2007-2010.01)

소프트맥스CEO (2002-2007)

소프트맥스(SoftMax)  창립 (2002)

UC San Diego, Institute for  Neural Computation 교수 (1999-2007)


Technical University of Berlin, 전자공학 박사, Summa Cum Laude              

Technical University of Berlin, 전자공학 석사                                              

Tae-Won Lee

President, Qualcomm Korea


President, Qualcomm Korea (2015-Present)

Vice President, Qualcomm Korea (2011.09-2015)

Head Manager, Qualcomm Korea R&D Center (2010.01-2011.08)

Director, Qualcomm San Diego Engineering (2007-2010.01)

SoftMax CEO (2002-2007)

Foundation of SoftMax (2002)

Professor, Institute for  Neural Computation UC San Diego (1999-2007)


Kyung Ho Lee


고려대학교 정보보호대학원 교수

2013 ~ 현재: 개인정보위원회, 조사분석 전문위원회 위원

2013. 10 ~ 2013. 12: 전, 외교부, 세계사이버스페이스총회 자문위원

2012 ~ 2014: 국방부, 행정자치부, 자문위원

2012 ~ 2014: 전, 미래창조과학부 정보통신망 침해사고 민관합동조사단, 전문가

2012 ~ 2014: 전, 국가정보원 정보보안관리실태 평가위원회, 위원

2011. 09 ~ 현재: 고려대학교 정보보호대학원, 부교수

2008.10 ~ 2014.03: 시큐베이스 주식회사, 대표이사

2007.05 ~ 2008.12: NAVER㈜, CISO, CPO

2002.05 ~ 2007.04: 컨설팅하우스 주식회사, 대표이사

1999.11 ~ 2001.12: STG시큐리티 주식회사, 부사장

1994.02 ~ 1999.10: 삼성SDS 주식회사, 주임

Lee Kyung Ho

Professor, Graduate School of Information Security of Korea University

2013 ~ Present: Personal Information Protection Commission, Accident Analysis Commission Member

2013 ~ Present: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seoul Conference on Cyberspace Commission Advisory Member of the Committee

2012 ~ 2014: Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Advisory Member of the Committee

2012 ~ 2014: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Public-Private Partnership Incident Investigation Team Experts

2012 ~ 2014: Ministry of National Defense, Advisory Member of the Committee

2012 ~ 2014: National Intelligence Service, Member of  Security Management Evaluation Committee

2011. 09 ~ Present : Korea University Graduate School of Information Security, Associate Professor

2008.10 ~ 2014.03: Secubase Corporation, CEO

2007.05 ~ 2008.12: Naver Corporation, CISO, CPO

2002.05 ~ 2007.04: Consulting House Corporation, CEO

1999.11 ~ 2001.12: STG Security Corporation, Vice President

1994.02 ~ 1999.10: Samsung SDS Corporation, Manager


Jong Hyun Lee


숭실대학교 소프트웨어학부 교수

2001-2005 University of California, Irvine 컴퓨터학과 박사

2005-2008 삼성종합기술원 수석연구원

2000-2001 미국 표준기술연구소(NIST) 객원연구원

1995-2001 한국전자통신연구원(ETRI) 연구원

Jong Hyun Lee

Professor, School of Software, Soongsil University

Jeong Hyun Yi received the Ph.D. degree in information and computer science from the University of California, Irvine, in 2005. He is an Associate Professor in the School of Software and a Director of the Mobile Security Research Center (MSEC) and at Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea. He was a Principal Researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea, from 2005 to 2008, and a member of research staff at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea, from 1995 to 2001. Between 2000 and 2001, he was a guest researcher at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Maryland, U.S. His research interests include mobile security and privacy, IoT security, and September 16-17/ Nine Tree Convention Gwanghwamun applied cryptography.

Seungjin Lee

이승진 / 그레이해쉬 대표

- 세종대학교 인터넷공학과 학사

- 고려대학교 정보보호대학원 석/박사 통합 과정 재학 중

- 정보보안인력양성프로그램 BoB 멘토

- 블랙햇 아시아 심사위원

- 블랙햇 라스베가스, CANSECWEST, SYSCAN 등 해외 유명 보안 컨퍼런스 다수 발표

- 정보보안 기업 그레이해쉬 설립 & 대표

- 미국 데프콘 본선 6회 진출

- 유명 기업 제품들에서 다수의 제로데이 취약점 발견 및 리포트

- 버그 바운티 프로그램 iDefense, ZDI, Hackerone 참여

- 캐나다 RECON ZDI 해킹 대회 우승

- 사이버사령부 자문위원

- 삼성SDS통합보안센터 기술자문위원

SeungJin Lee / CEO, GrayHash

SeungJin Lee has been a member of the IT security field since 2000. His first company was Cyber Research based in Seoul, South Korea and first focused on pen-testing. He then got a Computer Engineering B.A. degree from Sejong University.

He has won more than 10 global CTF hacking contests in his country as well as passed DefCon quals 6 times. He has sold his research to major security companies like HackerOne, iDefense and ZDI (Recon ZDI contest). He has run numerous security conferences and hacking contests such as SECUINSIDE in Korea. Also, he has given talks at BLACKHAT, SYSCAN, CANSECWEST, AVTOKYO, HITCON and TROOPERS. Hunting bugs and exploiting them are his main interest. He runs a IT security company called GrayHash and is now a graduate student at CIST SANE LAB, Korea University. He's also named to advisory council for Cyber Command in Korea and Samsung SDS Security Center.

Jung-Tae Kim


동양대학교 교양학부 교수

청강문화산업대학, 서울디지털대학교, 상명대학교, 한국산업기술대학교 등 겸임교수 역임  

Shepherd 대학교(미국) 전임교수, 성균관대학교 대학원 휴먼ICT융합학과 산학교수 역임

현재는 동양대학교 교양학부(테크노에틱인문학) 교수로 재직하면서 ‘게이미피케이션·게임예술 운동’ 을 전개하고 있다.

삼성전자에서 멀티미디어 프로듀서로 재직하면서, 약 300여 개 프로젝트의 게임/멀티미디어 타이틀 개발 및 제작, 라이선싱을 업무를 수행했다. 게임 개발사, 게임 전문 미디어, 게임 아카데미, 지스타국제게임전시회 사무국, E-City 마스터플래닝, 미국 현지 게임 회사 등의 조직 세팅과 운영을 해왔다.


게이미피케이션 : 세상을 플레이하다 ( 대표저자, 2014 )

아트오브게임디자인 2판 ( 공동번역, 2015)

게임디자인  원리 : 게임디자인 비법100 가지 ( 공동번역, 2014)

Kim, Jung Tae

Professor, Department of Liberal Arts, DongYang University

Mar 2014 - Present  Professor, DongYang University, Korea

July 2013 – Feb 2014 Professor, SungKyunKwan University, Korea

Jan 2012 – Aug 2013, Assistant Professor, Hollywood CG School of Digital Arts at Shepherd University, USA 

Jan 2002 – Jul 2005, Adjunct Professor, Seoul Digital University, Korea

Sang-Myung University, Korea 

Korea Polytechnic University, Korea

Chung-Kang College of Cultural Industries, Korea

Director of Master Planning Team, High1 Resort, INC 
General Manager, G-star Organizing Committee of Korea Government 
General Manager (The Chief Editor of Game), Digital Chosunilbo
Multimedia Producer, Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. 

Gamification : Play the World ( Representative writer, 2014 )
100 Principle of Game Design( Co-translator, 2014)

Sang-Kyun Kim


강원대학교 시스템경영공학과 교수

2015/창업자, 플레이브라더스

2014/교육, 게임처럼 즐겨라 출간

2014/게이미케이션 세상을 플레이하다 출간

2013/교환교수, 버지니아텍 (교육 게이미피케이션 연구)

2007/교수, 강원대(현재 재직중)

2005/연세대 인지과학∙컴퓨터산업공학 박사

2002/이사, 소만사

1996/창업자, 시큐어소프트

Sangkyun Kim

Professor, Department of System & Management Engineering, Kangwon National University

2015/Founder, PlayBrothers

2014/Enjoy Education Like Gaming (Book)

2014/Gamification, Play Your World (Book)

2013/Visiting Professor, VirginiaTech

2007/Professor, Kangwon National University

2005/Ph.D in Cognitive Science and Computer & Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University

2002/Director, Somansa

1996/Founder, SecureSoft

JaeSung Lee


엔씨소프트문화재단 전무이사


2014.3~ 현재 엔씨소프트문화재단 전무이사

2006.4~2014.2 엔씨소프트 홍보•대외협력실장(상무), 커뮤니케이션그룹장(전무)

2002.2~2006.3 넷마블 고객만족, 사업관리, 사업기획 이사


서울대 계산통계학과 졸업

Lee, JaeSung

Executive Director, NCSOFT Cultural Foundation


2006.4 ~ 2014.2     NCSOFT, Head of Public Relations Division/Government Relations Division, Leader of Communication Group

2002.2 ~ 2006.3    Netmarble, General Director of Customer Satisfaction, Business Administration, & Business Planning


Seoul National University, Computational Statistics