Introduction of Smart Cloud Show

What is Smart Cloud Show?

The purpose of the Smart Cloud Show is to introduce latest IT and business trends with the audience by gathering, exchanging and sharing valuable insights among innovative entrepreneurs, business gurus, academic experts, futurists, policy-makers and participants. It is composed of main international conference, sub-conferences and exhibition. Smart Cloud Show provides the most up-to-date technology information and introduces new future to our audience; at the same, it is the best opportunity for IT firms to promote their strategies and products in the most innovative way along with connect with influential others.

This Year's Smart Cloud Show

This year's Smart Cloud Show will focus on advent fourth industrialization and organizational innovation that is best suitable for the new wave of industries. Many of today's big firms are still characterized by 20th century organizational traits, such as mass-production, working long-hours, uniformity, to name a few. These traits have served us well so far, but we do not have much time. We must change. But we do not know how. This is why we want to discuss organization and innovation for the age of fourth industrialization.

Its History

Since its launch in 2010, Smart Cloud Show was at the forefront of changes. In 2010, we introduced various concepts such as smart work, sharing economy, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). In 2011, we invited Jeremy Rifkin who spoke about Age of Access, Jim Newton, founder of TechShop, who shared insights on 3D Printing and Maker Movement. 2012 Smart Cloud Show focused on the future of sharing economy and cloud technology by inviting Lauren Anderson and Bill Hippenmeyer and 2013 Show invited the founders and Airbnb, Uber and TuneIn who shared their experiences and know-how to many startups.

In 2014, Jason Merkoski, a person who was in charge of Amazon’s first Kindle, gave a speech on the cloud-based publishing industries and the development of Kindle. He was joined by Anant Agarwal (CEO of edX), along with Simon Nelson (CEO of FutureLearn), Kang Sungmo (President of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST) who discussed the future of online education. In 2015, we invited some of the high-level officials from China’s IT companies, such as Baidu and Huawei who shared their insights on China’s fast developing IT industries. They were joined by Daniela Rus (MIT Professor) and Oh JunHo (KAIST Professor) who discussed the infinite potential of autonomous cars and robots.

Last year, we closely examined what the future would look like, in an era of artificial intelligence and big data and how we, companies and individuals, can survive and thrive. We talked about autonomous vehicles.