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Required Documents

For Malaysian

Employment Income

  1. Copy NRIC (front and back) - Must be clear
  2. Property Booking Receipt
  3. Sales and Purchase Agreement / Title copy
  4. Latest 6 months Housing Loan Statement. ( only applicable for refinancing)
  5. Letter Offer from previous bank .( Only applicable for refinancing)
  6. Deposit Statement e.g. Fixed Deposit, ASB or Bonds
  7. Latest 3 months pay slip and latest 3 months personal bank statement ( to show salary credited as per pay slip)
  8. Employment Letter/Latest KWSP statement/Latest EA form
  9. Latest From B/BE with payment receipt acknowledgement
* All document preferably from original source. Some banks do not accept printout from online (e.g. bank statement or KWSP)

Self –Employment:

  1. Same as above for item 1 to item 6, plus other document as follow
  2. Latest Form B/ BE with payment receipt acknowledgement.
  3. Latest 6 months Company bank statement.
  4. Latest 6 months Personal  bank statement.
  5. Business Registration :
    1. SdnBhd company
      1. Form 24 & 49
      2. Latest Profit and Loss Statement
      3. Memorandum of Article
      4. Company Profile
    2. Sole Proprietor or Partnership
      1. Form A & Form D

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