2009 Main Event 2009年のエベント

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Hikari Yume 光夢

A beautiful and romantic stop-action film that makes Kochi look beautiful and romantic as well. But the action never stops in Kochi.

By George Upton and Gary Wang


Mia Braverman's touching piece about a young man with autism.

Tosa Yoga, J ver

An ad from one of our sponsors, a young man with Tosa Yoga.

来月5日、赤岡町の弁天座で Chobitto Japan 映像祭を行います。今年のイベントのために、オーストラリアにいる友達に、土佐ヨガの CMを作ってもらいました。ジェニーちゃんが写真を撮ってSHAUNさんにビデオを作 りました。


Owen Wade's brilliant political parody about banquished Prime Minister Aso Taro's transformation into a local eccentric.

"Jiminto" = Aso's political party. 

Hatoyama is his opponent.

Liger = Lion and Tiger mixed, bred for its skills in magic.

Jingle Jungle

Steven Yuen's Piece about the soundtrack to our lives in Japan.