2007 Event / 2007のイベント

The 2007 event was staged in the beautiful Bentenza kabuki hall in Akaoka Town, east of Kochi City. Until we came to town, Akaoka was probably best known for sardines, cobwebs, and the grotesque painter Eikin (see below).

2006 NHK Show about Chobitto

Here is a TV show about the 2006 event but it gives a great overview of what we are about -- plus you can see a few videos at no extra charge. Videos within videos, like funhouse mirrors, layers and layers of deeper meaning... better bring a change of clothes! 

2007 Event Kicked Ass

Burnin' hot musical montage of scenes from the 2007 event, definitely in the top 3 of the "Best Chobitto Events of the Millennium" list. Good footage of the beautiful Bentenza kabuki hall and the shady characters that lurk there.

Haruno Sports day

Lachlan Young's Piece about Sports Day as a sort of microcosm of society. For some reason, this version has no English titles like "Recession" or "healthcare" but the one screened at the event did. Neither version had titles like "Daschunds rule!" or "Who dropped the floss?" nor any Spanish for that matter.

One Fine Day

One Fine Day, a video by Mark Ormond showing all the possibilities on a single day in Kochi. Apparently shot with a regular "still" digital camera, not a video camera.

The copyrighted music definitely wouldn't be allowed from this year. Jury's still out on "Billy's Boot Camp"

The Gerry Show

You don't even have to live in Kochi to make a video! In this work, Gerry interviews the writer/actor star of Homer's Aquarius about his directorial debut and compares his former life in Kochi with his new home in Tokushima. NOTE: Gerry made the music in this piece himself, ergo no copyright trouble.

Kochi Train

Joey Kao's  slideshow entry with photos from around Kochi and original music. The lawyers from EMI were happy. When lawyers are happy, we are one step closer to the Kingdom of Chobitto on Earth.

Sole Sonata

Are American brains really that delicious? Find out in this piece by Owen Wade. You really are never to old or undead to learn.