2006 Event イベント

The inaugural Chobitto JAPAN film festival was held on an appropriately sultry summer evening in July 2006 at the stately Kochi Liberty and People's Rights Museum (自由民権記念館 Jiyu Minken Kinenkan ) conveniently located off the streetcar line on Sanbashi-dori,

Approximately 150 guests attended along with a local NHK TV crew while 13 Submitters duked it out for supremacy.

2006 Chobitto JAPAN! NHK show

NHK TV show about the 2006 event. (Approx 8 min)

Nigh on Gestallt

"NIgh on Gestallt" a slideshow submitted by Jamil, an exchange student from Brazil. 

Homer's Aqvarius

The deep and timelessly moving classic of human redemption and sports drinks, "Homer's Aqvarius," by Gerard Marchesseau and Owen Wade.   


Logging in Shikoku

2006 film by James Lord about Hongawa-mura, a small village in the mountains where he lived.


Henpai へんぱい


What's Kochi famous for? Nice beaches, good food, rabble rousers... oh yeah, and forcing each other to drink too much

River Beats Concrete

Alycia Wylczjevowicz' short take comparing Kochi City's Kagami River to those in her native Poland.

There was a loophole that year for pre-1989 East Bloc music