2008 Event 2008年のイベント

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Year after year, the Chobitto festival gets better and better and 2008 by all accounts continued the pattern. It was a great event.

We had the beautiful Bentenza kabuki theater at near capacity with 240+ paying guests, a live opening band, 15 great submissions (all of which had great original music created by local artists!), a visit by Bananaman, two unique special presentations - one by a professional cinematographer complete with its own live soundtrack... Beer was flowing (we had to order more!), fish were rollin', and umbrellas were stolen. Face it, we made the Beijing Olympics look like amateurs.

What's that you say? The Olympics are for amateurs? Well move over, Olympics, there's a new bunch of amateurs in town! No one's gonna stop this torch relay, whoo!

But don't take just our word for it. Check out the raves in the 3rd most popular blog, not just of Kochi but in all of Shikoku. (If you can't find it, look for the Nov. 9th entry, or all the exclamation points.)


Check back later for more info and photos!

(Photos by Andrew Wallace)
(Captions by Andrew Grommit)

2008 Chobitto JAPAN! TEAM
2008 Film submitters, program, posters

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   2008 Submitters... It may look like only 15 of them, but they have the power of 2008!

and the ability to create holograms of themselves

    We believe!

Holy mackerel, Bananaman, you guys sure did a good job!

The critically acclaimed but ever elusive 2008 event poster