Workshops for Middle and High Schoolers

Intro to Programming using Python

Python is becoming a popular language. In many educational institutions, Python is taught as the first programming language. It is a general purpose programming language with a rich syntax and structure. You can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity relative to programming with other languages. Python is a versatile language that can be used to develop web applications, for scientific computing, image processing, data science and more. 

Logical thinking is essential both for programming and for learning and mastering other subjects. Giving younger students an opportunity to not only learn the syntax but also practice and play with the code will encourage them to use Python in different fields and different settings.

In these student centric workshops, my goal is to guide students to understand Python programming constructs so that they can work on in-class activities that are designed to cement their comprehension and later work on projects independently. 

Checkout my past workshop reviews on All Things Python Meetup.

No prior programming experience is required! Please bring your laptop.

These workshops are for middle and high school students. If the parent(s) plan to attend the workshop with their kid(s), then parent(s) and the kid(s) have to purchase individual tickets.  If you have any questions contact us at

We offer two different workshops: