6th Grade ELA and Mathematics - Room 206!

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Please be sure to ask your student about the Apple ID paperwork that was sent home on Friday, February 27th.  Each student needs an Apple ID set up in a specific manner (dictated on that paperwork) in order to receive their own iPad to use at school.  However, Apple will be sending you an email with a temporary password and additional information before you can begin the set up process.  The sooner we have everyone's cooperation with this, the sooner our students have iPads in their hands!

About our Classroom

We have been using Google Classroom and more recently Schoology to integrating iPads into our daily routine.   Schoology allows us to post assignments or announcements in one place for students, while also integrating relevant media pertinent to our curriculum, such as YouTube videos and attention-grabbing articles.  The best part is that students can create documents within this website that link directly to their Google Drive.  They can "hand in" their assignments digitally, which allows us to edit an assignment with each student through collaboration.  The recent switch to Schoology was a decision made based on the assessment tools that this resource provides. Custom rubrics, created by us, provide students with concrete expectations so they are sure to succeed on each and every assignment.  Using an online rubric allows for faster turn around time and more elaborate feedback for  each individual student! We look forward to embarking on this new journey with our sixth graders!