Reading Challenge / P.A.R.P.

We're Wild About Reading!

What is Reading Challenge?

Every year, we do our best to encourage all students to meet New York State's reading recommendation of 25 books per year.  For some readers, 25 books seems like a lot, but it breaks down into only 6 books for the first three quarters and 7 books for the last quarter.  

To help inspire all of our students to read, read, read, we have an exciting theme for our Reading Challenge this year: "We're Wild About Reading".  As always, your child is encouraged to make use of our school and local library resources to help him or her find books of interest.

Please encourage your child to keep reading and to make sure they keep track of the 
books they have read. 

What is P.A.R.P.?

P.A.R.P. stands for Pick A Reading Partner.  PARP will take place from 
January 29 - February 9.  During those three weeks students will see the building transform and will have exciting activities to do in school, as well as, at home with their families.