Start of 2018-19 Season

The best athletes are made during the off season. 
There will come a time when Winter will ask...."What have you done this summer?"
Stay posted for all Summer League, Summer Workouts and Lifting, and Open Gym Information!



Empty Gym,
You're my home away from home.
And you know why I am here
This may be my off day, but I sure treat you like game day.
The perfect match-up is me against myself
No Game Clock
No Whistles
No Timeouts
No Excuses
I could be here all day
Shot, Sprint, Shot, Sprint
I come as one of the select few
The dedicated, the hustlers
The "I-Don't-Need-A-Crowd-To-Give-110%"
Hustling when NO ONE is watching
To be the Go-To When EVERYONE is watching!
So Thanks, Empty Gym