Start of 2018-19 Season

The best athletes are made during the off season. 
There will come a time when Winter will ask...."What have you done this summer?"

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Starting Sept. 5th - Every Wednesday
@ MS Gym 4PM-5PM

2017-2018 Varsity Team

Empty Gym,
You're my home away from home.
And you know why I am here
This may be my off day, but I sure treat you like game day.
The perfect match-up is me against myself
No Game Clock
No Whistles
No Timeouts
No Excuses
I could be here all day
Shot, Sprint, Shot, Sprint
I come as one of the select few
The dedicated, the hustlers
The "I-Don't-Need-A-Crowd-To-Give-110%"
Hustling when NO ONE is watching
To be the Go-To When EVERYONE is watching!
So Thanks, Empty Gym