Welcome to technology and Computer Science at Heritage Middle School!

Bellwork  Show me 1,000,000
No calculators!

Open each in a separate tab, complete, and show me when ALL 4 are completed!

Activity 1 Get 7/7 correct or redo!

Activity 2 Get 7/7 correct or redo!

Activity 3 Get 3/4 correct or redo! 

Activity 4 Earn at least 10,000 or redo!

Open each in a separate tab, then complete and show me ALL 3 done!

Activity 1 survive 1,000,000 years!

Activity 2 get to day 12!

Activity 3 Get at least gold or platinum!

Bellwork levels 1 - 20?

Grade Day 2

NGD1 vocab definitions

NGD2 Formatting fun

NGD3 Space Camp

NGD4 More Editing practice

Google Classroom

Show me - MTTB MFT