Welcome to technology and Computer Science at Heritage Middle School!

Leave ALL tabs open including your bellwork!

Bellwork earn at least  80% or redo 378253

Open each activity in a separate tab complete as indicated, complete all three then show me!

Activity 1 complete the page 
all the way down to the diploma

Activity 2 complete before time 
runs out! or redo!

Activity 3 complete using NO HINTS with at least 93% correct or better!

Open each in a separate tab, then complete and show me ALL 3 done!

Activity 1 survive 1,000,000 years!

Activity 2 get to day 12!

Activity 3 Get at least gold or platinum!

Bellwork show me 1,000,000

Around The Internet 3
Google Classroom 

Bellwork - Show me 2 sprites with two sets of controls or move to the front of the room to get done.

Have it done? Back of the room MFT

U3 L 12 Keyboard Controls

Add a new sprite that is controlled using W, A, S, and D so that both move independent of each other.