8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies 


This year students will discover what it means to be an active citizen.  Students will explore the origins of our democracy; learn about our government’s political and economic structure and research a variety of issues related to our history from a review of WWI to present.  An emphasis is also placed on improving reading, writing, and speaking abilities of students as they prepare for high school, college, and career with the incorporation of Common Core.

The following Units will be covered this year:


Semester I (Government)

American Revolution

           Declaration of Independence              

Articles of Confederation

                           3 Branches of Government                           



Semester II (History)

Road Court

Pearl Harbor

                                             World War II                                              

                       Civil Rights                         

                                Cold War                                    

Vietnam War

                                                    Middle East Events                                                     


 Class Expectations:Students are expected to arrive to class each day on time and prepared.  All students must bring a writing utensil to class each day.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

 Organization:Students will be responsible for keeping an organized notebook in which they will keep notes, and bellwork assignments.  The contents of this notebook will be graded several times during each semester.

 Homework – Current Events:In order to become active, informed citizens, students will be responsible for turning in a current event summary each Thursday.  Complete sentences are required.  Students must be prepared to discuss their article on due date.

 Absence:When a student is absent they will be responsible for collecting their missed assignments.

 Progress Reports and Report Cards:Every three weeks a progress report will be sent home.  Grades may also be viewed online using the Familylink program.  Students’ grades will be based upon tests, classwork, homework, and notebook checks.

 Medallions:In order to receive a medallion you must receive a 90% or better on your report card for Civics for the entire year AND complete a medallion activity at the end of the year. 

 Consequences:Disrespectful behavior has the following consequences…warning, BIP (call home), Office Referral.