Class Information

What is Concept Fluency?

 Have you ever been in math class when your teacher says the dreaded phrase, “You should have already learned this last year…”?

If you’re like most math students, you don’t remember every single skill you learned in math last year (or the year before that).

This class is designed to help you master the basic skills you need to be successful in math. Mastery and passing are different. Mastery requires continued practice.  Mastery is a higher level of understanding than just passing.  In this class, 80% correct is considered mastery on an assessment. 

Continued demonstration of mastery leads to fluency in these basic mathematical skills, which is the goal of this class.


Required Supplies:

 70 sheet spiral bound notebook, college-ruled





 Useful Supplies:


Scotch Tape

Colored pencils/thin point markers


How is my grade calculated in this class?

 80% is Mastery

· You will have an assessment about once a week.

· In order to get a point for mastery, you must earn an 80% or better on the assessment.

· Any grade less than 80% will not earn a point because you did not show mastery.

· You will have multiple chances to show mastery on any given skill.

· All attempts at mastery are averaged to calculate your grade.

· Your Interactive notebook will also be graded and counted as part of your overall grade.

*Each assessment can have a BIG impact on your overall grade.

*Your grade is not final until the semester is completed.