Kindergarten & 1st Grade Title I Reading Intervention Program

Territorial Early Childhood Center has a School-wide Title I program. All kindergarten and first grade students will receive reading support based on their academic needs according to reading tests, parent recommendation, and teacher recommendation. Depending on your child's level of support, services may include up to 30 minutes or more of extra reading help daily along with quality classroom instruction.  Students needing Level 1 support will receive classroom reading assistance. Students needing Level 2 support will receive small group and possible tutoring assistance.  Students needing Level 3 support will receive small group and one-on-one assistance.  All levels will participate in our "Take-Home Reading Program."   If your child is receiving Level 3 support then you will receive monthly progress reports and all others will get quarterly reports.  Your child's teacher will also keep you informed about their progress and you may also contact me with any questions at (928) 636-3842 ext. 5807.