About Me

My name is Holly Garcia, and I teach fifth grade writing at HMS. I have been teaching since 1988. I taught ELL kids for seven years in Santa Ana, Ca. My family moved to Chino Valley in 1995, and I will NEVER move away! I love it here! I was hired in 1995 to teach third graders at Del Rio. I moved to fifth grade when Territorial was built; then I moved to HMS in 2013 to teach writing to fifth graders, and now I am back teaching fifth grade at Del Rio, which I LOVE!

I have a little ranch on two and one half acres here in Chino. I have horses, chickens, dogs, cats and a few aquariums. My grown children, Vincent and Adrianne, are busy working and raising their own families. I have a Paint horse that I ride in parades and on trails all over the county, and I am very active in my church.