Welcome to Chino Valley Science!

       My name is Mrs. Goodman and I am excited to serve as your Biology or Anatomy teacher this year! I am highly qualified in Biology, General Sciences and Chemistry for the State of Arizona and hold an Associates Degree in Education from Arizona Western, a Bachelors Degree from The University of Arizona in Secondary Education with a Biology emphasis and a Masters degree from Grand Canyon University in Educational Administration. 
     Below are a few classroom policies you might be wondering about and I intend to upload PowerPoints, worksheets and other helpful tid bits under the Anatomy and Biology sections. If I REALLY have my act together you will even get an advance view at whats to come via the assignment calendar. 

What if I am absent?

   When you return to class there will be a packet and instructions waiting for you in the absent folder. The absent folder is bright red with ABSENT FOLDER written on the top, and hangs next to the front door. Each class hour has their own pocket and one of the packets within your class hour will have your name on it. 

   Under your class tab (Anatomy or Biology) on the top of this website will be the same information, which will basically be a blog of what we do in class each day. Additionally you can e-mail me asking for the assignments. 


Late Work Policy

    I will accept work for half credit up to one week after the date it was due/entered in the computer. This means that if an assignment was entered into the computer on a Monday the following Monday will be the first day I will no longer accept that assignment.