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2nd Quarter at a Glance


Monday October 16  Welcome Back  Plickers # 2

Tuesday October 17   Computer Lab TASK Six and TASK Seven

Wednesday October 18   Inro to The Earth- TASK Seven and Eight

Thursday October 19    ASSEMBLY schedule  The Layers of The Earth Task Cards (task eight)


Monday October 23 Plickers #2(finish) and Plickers#3                                                      Quiz #5                                                                                                        Notebook Set up for Q2W2

Tuesday October 24  Computer Lab TASK 

Wednesday October 25

Thursday October 26 


Monday October 30   LtoJ # 3 

       Notebooks due today for students absent last Thursday

       Introduction to 3 types of Rocks: Sedimentary, Igneous,


Tuesday October 31   Task TEN  part A -

             London Jenk's Video "Sedimentary Rocks an Introduction"                                                                answer questions on NB pg 63                                                                                     

                                Task TEN part B-  Michael Sammatano's video "                                                             

                                 Sedimentary Rocks"  8:35 complete the chart                          

Wednesday November 1 -   Two types of sedimentary rocks & Vocabulary review

Thursday November 2-  mini lesson-  5 steps to forming a sedimentary rock  & QUIZ # 5


Monday November 6- Close Read over Sedimentary Rocks & LtoJ # 3

Tuesday November 7 - TASK ELEVEN Metamorphic Rocks & LtoJ # 4

Wednesday   November 8- Rocks Task Cards Activity &  LtoJ # 5   

Thursday  November 9  NO SCHOOL  Veteran's Day Observed


Monday November 13  Notebook walk through, grading work done on pages 62-74. 

Tuesday November 14  TASK TWELVE The Rock Cycle 

                                      At Recess- workshop for helping prep notebooks for NB check

BEFORE THURSDAY-NEXT notebook check..... be sure that you have: 

1) updated the Table of Contents
2) the science contract is in place and signed by your parent and yourself
3) each page has a page number
4) each page has a date
5) each page has a title that is highlighted (not just written in colored ink or pencil)
6) each page has TWO pictures- relevant to Geology that are done in color (not just highlighted)
7) work that is to be written onto the page is written on the page  OR the appropriate document is attached
8)  the work is completed and has been graded (not all work is graded) 
9)  complete the "Starburst Lab" in its entirety! 
10)  BRING  your notebook to class on Thursday OR if you know you are going to be absent, leave you
      notebook with Mrs. Bruhn at the end of class on Wednesday... with the grading rubric inserted on pg. 62.
     No notebook equals a grade of zero and this will have a negative impact on your progress report grade. 

Wednesday November 15  Starburst Lab

                                       After school notebook workshop to prep for NB check

Thursday November 16    Notebook Check and mid-term TEST 

                                         Progress report generated- gradebook closes at 4 p


Monday November 20   Volcanism Igneous Rocks

Tuesday November 21   TASK THIRTEEN    Igneous Rocks

Wednesday November 22    NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Thursday November 23        NO SCHOOL  Thanksgiving Break 


Monday November 27       Classification of Rock Samples - Review of 3 types   

Tuesday November 28        Virtual Rock Lab  TASK FOURTEEN

Wednesday  November 29   Mohs Scale of Hardness

Thursday November 30        Quiz # 7 


Monday December 4   Classifying Rocks & Minerals  

Tuesday December 5       TASK FIFTEEN

Wednesday December 6  Rock Sorting and Volcanism

Thursday December 7    NB check # 7

   WEEK 9                                                            

Monday December 11  Minerals

Tuesday December 12   TASK SIXTEEN

Wednesday December 13  Cookie Mining Lab

Thursday December 14  Quiz # 8

  WEEK 10                                                            

Monday December 18 Review for Final Exam 

Tuesday December 19 Final Exam

Wednesday December 20 Earthquake Lab

Thursday December 21    Guest Speaker &  Early Release

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