Welcome to PreK!

I am so excited to welcome your child to PreK!  This will be a year full of fun and exciting activities that will help prepare your child for Kindergarten.  

Below are some basic skills that will be covered throughout the school year.  Please help reinforce these skills by reviewing them at home with your child.  

Skills to reinforce:
*name writing (capitalizing first letter and remaining letters lower case)
*oral counting to 30
*identifying upper and lowercase letters
*know all letter sounds
*vowels make two sounds-students should know both
*writing their ABC's 
*writing numbers up to 10
*numerical order 1-10
*hearing the beginning sound in words
*identify rhyming words

Please make sure to check your child's folder each day for important notes, behavior chart and daily papers.  Feel free to leave me a note when needed in your child's folder.  

PreK is your child's introduction to school.  Our goal is for your child to learn appropriate social skills so they can function independently and feel confident in their ability to navigate their school world .  
This includes:
* using words to communicate their needs
*using tools to self-regulate emotions
*practicing taking turns
*using safe hands and safe feet
*playing appropriately with others
*implementing personal care needs (putting on jackets, unzipping backpacks, restroom independently) 

I look forward to working with your child!  

Reminders: Please make sure your child brings his/her folder each day.  


Please feel free to email me at tkimbrough@chinaspringisd.net