Music Notes by Mrs. Edwards

"All for one and one for all"!
Three of a Kind by John Jacobson and John Higgins
May 2007

Welcome to Elementary Music
Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grades

If you have any old Halloween, dress-up or dance costumes that you would like to donate to our costume closet, please send them in a labeled bag to music. We appreciate it!

My Schedule 2018-19

7:30-7:50        Morning Duty

 7:50-8:35        Conference

 8:35-9:09         Second Grade White

9:16-9:50        Second Grade Blue

 10:20-10:54        First Grade White

11:01-11:35     First Grade Blue

11:40-12:10       Lunch

 12:15-12:49     Kindergarten White

12:56-1:30        Kindergarten Blue

 1:45-2:19        Third Grade White

2:26-3:00        Third Grade Blue

 3:10-3:45         Dismissal Duty





The portrait of a China Spring graduate states that we want to create a "holistic person-one who recognizes and appreciates the many cultural opportunities in fine arts and nature while possessing an altruistic philosophy toward society". Fine arts education is vital for our district to attain this goal. China Spring Elementary Music follows the TEKS for our music curriculum through the use of the voice, movement and the use of instruments.

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