Course Description

Welcome to American Literature and British Literature!  Our primary focus will be a combined study of grammar, vocabulary, composition, and literature.  Our grammar study will include various parts of speech, sentence structure, the mechanics of punctuation and capitalization- all of which provide the skills to speak and write effectively.  Composition will be taught to enhance logical development of ideas and to emphasize correct paragraph form.  

Academic Expectations

            English III & IV students are expected to complete all assignments in a timely manner. In addition to the above, homework will be assigned when deemed necessary. Students will be expected to complete at least one major research project.


Parents:   Please refer to my website for information being covered in class.  Class assignments can be accessed on the English III or English IV link, and/or my lesson plans, which are posted weekly.  If your student is absent, this is where they will be able to find make up work, etc.

You may access your students grades located on the parent portal https://gb.chinaspringisd.net/txconnect

Students: You will find information, that you may have missed due to absence, on the English III or English IV link. 

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