Here you can find important information for Geometry Honors and Algebra 2 Honors. 
My Schedule     

 Time          Class Period
 7:30-7:55Tutorials  0
 8:00-8:49 Algebra 2 Honors 1
 8:53-9:46Algebra 2
 9:50-10:39Conference  3
 10:43-11:32 Geometry Honors
 11:32-12:02 Lunch 5
12:06-12:55Algebra 2 Honors  6
12:59-1:48 Algebra 2 Honors  7
 1:52-2:41Geometry Honors  8
 2:45-3:34 Algebra 2 Honors 9

    Welcome to Mrs. Collier's Math Class. I am very excited to share my passion for math. Click on the class link to the left to view assigned homework and class resources. Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you have throughout the year.  
Each unit students receive a detailed outline of the entire unit that includes the topics, homework and tentative test dates. Please click on the current folder to find the unit outline. Image result for china spring cougars