I am so excited to have you as part of my classroom.  Let me tell you about myself.  This is my 1st year with China Spring Elementary, however, it is my 8th year teaching.  My family and I moved to Bosqueville this summer from Delaware.  I did spend my summers as a child growing up in the Bosqueville area so I am so excited to be back in Texas and watch my children grow.

My husband, Steve and I have 3 children.  Justin (my stepson) is 23 and works in a couple stores in the Richland Mall.  Our younger son, Gage is 9 and will be in 4th grade at China Spring Intermediate and our daughter, Gracie is 7 and will be in 2nd grade here at China Spring Elementary.  We have 1 dog, a german Shephard, named Kira.  She is highly energetic and loves playing in the Brazos River at my parents house.