About me:
My name is Collin Aldredge and I am one of the Special Education Teachers here on campus. I am a Waco native and a Baylor graduate. I received a BA in Corporate Communications, and my Special Education teaching certification through the Mclennan Community College Alternative Teaching Program. This is my fifth year here at CSHS. My concentration is English Inclusion here at the high school. When there is a student with disabilities who requires extra attention in their English class, I am in their class along with the English Teacher to give the student the assistance they need in a co-teaching environment. Each student who receives special education services, receives an IEP (Individualized Education Program) document that is constructed specifically to meet each individual students needs to be successful in the classroom.  
If there is ever a time where you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

  • 1st - English 2
  • 2nd - English 3
  • 3rd - English 4
  • 4th - Conference
  • 5th - English 1
  • 6th - Lunch
  • 7th - English 3
  • 8th - English 1
  • 9th - English 2

Mr. Aldredge
Special Education Teacher - English Inclusion 9th-12th grade.


China Spring High School
China Spring, TX 76633