Welcome Students and Parents

    My name is Ian Mitchell. This will be my sixth year at China Spring and my 15th year teaching. Prior to coming to China Spring, I have taught in Arizona and California. I happily married, and have three boys, two of which attend China Spring Schools. 
    This year I will be teaching the 7th Grade Band, Middle School 7th Grade Jazz Band, Beginning 6th Grade Euphonium Class, and Beginning 6th Grade Tuba Class.  I also assist with the 8th Grade Band, High School Marching Band, High School Concert Band. The other directors include, Mrs. Hyatt (HS), Mr. Moss (HS), Mr. Leal (HS) and Mr. Loudermilk. We work as a team to give you the best music education you can receive.  
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is imitchell@chinaspringisd.net. My conference hours are between 10:00-10:43. I am also available after school. Please call the school office at 836-4611 to set up a conference time.

Bell Schedule

1st Period        8:00-8:56         8th Grade Band
2nd Period      9:00-9:56        7th Jazz Band
3rd Period       10:00-10:39     Conference     
4th Period       10:43-11:32     @ High School
5th Period       11:36-12:30     8th and 7th Grade Lunch
6th Period       12:30-1:30       7th Grade Band
7-8th Period    2:05-3:25         @Intermediate

Important Dates 2013-2014 

October 25th           8th grade Band Night- Connally Football Game
November 2nd         7th grade TMEA Honor Band Auditions @Midway MS,
November 16th        7th grade TMEA Honor Band Clinic/Concert     
December 5th          Middle School Winter Concert, PAC 7pm Concert
December 6th          8th Grade ATSSB Auditions at Robinson 
December 16th        Jazz Band Concert, PAC 7pm Concert-High School Cafeteria   
January 18th            8th Grade ATSSB Honor Band Clinic/Concert Groesbeck HS
February 1st            Region Jazz Auditions @ Bonham (Date Subject to Change)
February 28th          7th/8th Grade Solo and Ensemble @China Spring High School
April 10th - 11th       7th/8th Grade UIL Performance @ Midway, Times TBA
April 25th                 Band Camp Scholarship Applications Due by 4pm.
May 13th                 Middle School Concert in the PAC, 7pm Concert,

June 2nd                  Jazz Band Concert, PAC 7pm Concert

Band Boosters Meetings (Meet at 7pm at HS Band Hall)
September 9th
October 14th
November 11th
February 10th
March 17th
April 14th

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To give your child the best possible support, you should:
  1. 1.) Help your child to find a regular time and place to practice.
          2.)Encourage your child to play for family and friends.
          3.)Offer compliments and encouragement regularly.
     4.) Expose your child to a wide variety of music, including concerts and recitals.
          5.) Encourage your child to talk with you about his or her lessons.
          6.) Make sure your child's instrument is always in good working condition.
          7.) Allow your child to play many types of music, not just study pieces.
          8.) Listen to your child practice and acknowledge improvement
          9.) Help your child build a personal music library.
          10.) Try to get your child to make a commitment to his/her musical studies
What not to do:
           1.) Don't use practice as punishment.
2.) Don't insist that your child play for others when he or she doesn't want to.
           3.) Don't ridicule or make fun of mistakes or less than perfect playing.
           4.) Don't apologize to others for your child's weak performance.
           5.) Don't start your child on an instrument that's in poor working condition.
           6.) Don't expect rapid progress and development in the beginning.

 Band Classes
7th Grade Band 12:30-1:30pm
    Welcome to the 7th grade band. We have an exciting year planned. The 7th grade band will be performing in numerous events throughout year, such as our Winter Concert, UIL Performance, Honor Band Auditions, and Spring Concert. Needless to say, we have a lot of information and ground to cover this year. In 7th grade band you will continue to grow musically, working to develop a full ensemble sound. I look forward to working with you this upcoming school year.
  • What Do I Need For 7th Grade Band?   Many of those items are discussed in the band handbook. You will need to have their instrument, a pencil, a black 3 ring binder with 10 or more clear sheet pages to insert music. We will order your child's band method book. This new book that your child will be using will last them throughout high school.  Students will also need a white top, black pants, shoes and socks for the band uniform. They will need to have this uniform by September 9th for our picture day and we will use our first concert which is December 3rd. They might need the uniform earlier than that for yearbook pictures. We are still waiting to hear from our photographer to set up a time and date. Please have all forms including the handbook form, parent contact/ volunteer form, optional t-shirt form, optional car decal form, and money if needed, signed and return by Friday, August 30th. These forms are attached below or on the side-bar if need another copy.
7th Grade Jazz Band 9:00-10:00pm
    This is a new class this year. We hope to play some fun music along with learning how to play in a new style. You have to be in full band to be apart of this ensemble. We will play on both concerts this year and audition for TMEA All-Region Band later this year.
6th Grade Beginning Band(Euphonium and Tuba)2:05-3:25
Euphonium and Tuba  Players will need an instrument. A Cleaning kit with valve oil, mouthpiece brush, and polish cloth. The Book is Essential Elements 2000 Book 1.
There will be a instrument rental night on Tuesday, September 3rd at 5pm at Intermediate School. Students will need to have there instruments by Monday September 9th. Baritones and Tubas will be provided, students will need to furnish a mouthpiece.      
 Performance Dates and Grading
    All concert dates are on the back of the band handbook and on the band website, on the side-bar labeled important dates.  Grades are determined by a daily grade (50%), performance objectives (25%), and tests/concerts (25%).
*Tardy Policy (New Policy 2013-2014)
A student is tardy to class if he/she is not in assigned place when the tardy bell rings. A student arriving on campus late must first report to the office. Failure to have textbooks paper, pen, notebooks, P.E. clothes or shoes, etc. will be considered a supply tardy. A student late to any class or not in his/her place when the tardy bell rings is tardy and may be assigned to detention hall. Tardies will be tracked by the school office. 

    1st Tardy-Warning 
    2nd Tardy-One Detention
    3rd Tardy-Multiple Detention Warning
    4th Tardy-Three Detentions/1 Day of Saturday/Parent Contact
    5th Tardy-Saturday School Warning plus Detention
    6th Tardy - 1 Day of School School

Final Examinations Policy 2013-2014
1. Final exams will be given over the final three days of the spring semester.
2. Final exams count /7 of the final grade for all Middle School courses. All finals that are given in high school credit courses will count 1/4 of the final grade.
3. Students can earn final exam exemptions meeting the following requirements:
    A. A Grade average of 80 or better for the year.
    B. A student that passes the STAAR test may exempt the final for the STAAR tested class.
    C. when a student reaches 10 absences in a class, no exemption will be offered for that class.
    D. For exemption purposes a tardy will count as 1/2 of an absence.
    E. All exemptions will be lost when a student reaches 15 or more tardies throughout the year.
Helpful Printing Tips
    Make sure you click download, not view, when wanting to print attachments. View mode will print the side bar and make the attachment to small to read. If their is multiple pages in a attachment, set your printer in the properties, to only print the page you need.
Permission Forms
    Permission forms for events, such as TMEA Jazz Audtions, or TMEA Try-out are listed in the announcements on the left hand column, or under the named event which is also in the left hand column. Click and you should be able to find information and detail regarding that event or contest. The permission slip or forms are then attached documents under those titles.