Welcome to English with Ms. Guerrero

Welcome to my page! This class website will be a guideline to see what we will be learning in this class. As we get through the year, this website's content could change. I will let you know that a lot of specific things that happen in the classroom will be posted on Google Classroom. This is the most important resource for you and your child. If you click on the Google Classroom tab, it gives you a link to log on. 

 Ms. Guerrero's schedule
1st Period 8:00-8:49: English II
2nd Period: 8:53-9:46: English I
3rd Period 9:50-10:39: English II
4th Period 10:43- 11:32: Conference
5th Period 11:36-12:02: Lunch
6th Period 12:06-12:55: English II
7th Period 12:59-1:48: Planning Period
8th Period 1:52- 2:41: English I
9th Period 2:45-3:34: English I