China Spring High School

World Geography

World Geography will be presented in an interactive manner with the focus on engaging students in learning. It is my desire to create a challenging learning environment, while prompting interest and motivating students to discover their full potential. Students will be encouraged to EXCEL by achieving the following:

E - Engage - Get involved in the learning process

X - X-plore - Learn in a safe environment, using listening and interactive skills

C - Communicate - Learn content by various means as an active "audience"

E - Empower - Gain the ability to "use and do" the material which is taught

L - Launch - Develop a passion, commitment and action to learning


Through significant contributions on the part of those involved in the educational process of a child, we can all insure success in learning.


China Spring High School

CS Cougar Tennis


For the past 15 years, I have been a coach at China Spring. The Cougars have experienced a remarkable amount of success over the past few years, and it is our purpose to continue building on this tradition of excellence.  

As the head tennis coach, our program has experienced increased participation and numerous advances to the play-offs. Most recently, we advanced 3 athletes to the Regional Spring Tennis Tournament at Bryan High School. 

This fall, we will compete under UIL Team Tennis region 3, district 18. Then in the spring, tennis will begin practice the week following Thanksgiving, with our first spring matches and tournaments beginning in mid-January.