Welcome to Music Class!    

Music Class Elective Rotation  
Group 1: Aug. 22-Oct. 7
    (Rodriguez, Martel, Brock, Reeser)
Group 2: Oct. 10- Dec. 2
    ( S. Johnson, Exline, Christian, Hoiten)
Group 3: Dec. 5- Feb. 3
    (Ballew, Hensley, Mayes, Barak)
Group 4: Feb. 6- Mar. 31
    (Stewart, Jaster, J. Ranft, Dutschman)
Group 5: Apr. 3- May 26
    (Rutherford, E. Johhnson, S. Ranft, Lebig)       

Grading System:
100%- Skill is superior
95%- Skill is mastered
90%- Skill is developing
70%- Incomplete assignment*

*All incomplete assignments or performances can be made up for a higher grade, so long as it's made up before the end of the grading period!