Welcome to our first grade world.  We will be learning many new things this year. 


My Classroom Information

                Class Schedule                     

  7:55-8:00     Announcements
  8:00-9:15     HR: Math                   
  9:15 -9:45    HR: Soc.Studies/Science
  9:50-10:15   Recess
 10:20 -10:54  P.E.
 11:00- 11:35  Specials (computer, health, library, music, art)
 11:35-11:55   Math "talk"
 11:55-12:00   Transition to lunch
 12:00-12:30   Lunch
 12:30             Switch w/ Mrs. Rigsby
 12:35-1:50    Math
 1:50-2:20      Science/Soc. Studies
   2:20-2:30    Brain break-transition to W.I.N. time
   2:30-3:00    W.I.N. time
   3:00-3:15    closing circle time/pack-up

Important Dates

Jan. 15--no school

Feb. 14-Valentines Day

Feb. 16-end of the 4th six weeks



4th Six Weeks Skills

Science Skills:
  • Observe and record weather changes 
  • Identify characteristics of the four seasons and day and night
  • Observe and record changes in the appearances of objects in the sky (stars, moon)

  • Social Studies Skills:
      1. Locate places on a map using cardinal directions(N-S-E-W)
      2. create and use simple maps
      3. Describe how/why humans need food, clothing, shelter
      4. create and use timelines

       Math skills:

   1. Use objects & pictures to solve word problems involving           joining,separating and comparing

    2. Order and compare numbers to 120-use base ten blocks 
   3. Apply basic fact strategies & properties of operations to add and subtract

    4. Determine the unknown number in an equation (story problems)

    5. Understand that the equal sign represents equivalence

    6. counting forwards/backwards from a given number (1-120)

    7. skip count by twos, fives, tens

    8. use relationships to determine the number that is 10 more and 10 less than a number