Reading Language Arts Policies and Procedures

Procedures and Expectations

Classroom Procedures for Reading/ Language Arts

1.  Copy the assignments from the board and into your assignment book each day.
2.  Turn in any homework unless you are instructed to keep it at your seat.
3.  A/R Reading:  Each student will set a goal each six weeks.  Their individual goal is based on their reading level and is monitored by the A/R test.  Students are given a grade on the percentage of points they received from their goal.  I always tell my student this is the one grade they receive where they choose the material. 
4.  Spelling:  Students are given a list of words on Monday.  The first assignment is to write in cursive each of the words three times.  This is due the next day. A spelling test will be given on Friday.  The Spelling Test will consist of spelling the words correctly.