Welcome to Mrs. Manning's Art page. I am excited and looking forward to another fun, creative year with the students!

China Spring Elementary is a member of Artsonia, an online students art gallery. Artsonia showcases the work of students from all around the world.

Our students love to see their work online! I believe it helps to develop their pride and self-esteem. 

You can register as a parent, create fan clubs, have family members and friends who live close or far away leave comments for your student to see. It’s a great way to see what we are learning in art and to have your child’s work saved forever! In addition, you may purchase custom keepsakes with your child's artwork and 15% of all purchases is donated back to our school to purchase art supplies!

It’s free and totally safe as only your child’s first name and a number are used. Check it out with the link on this page, and remember to leave a comment for your young artist!

Mrs. Manning's Schedule
7:30-7:55 Morning Duty
8:15-9:10 2nd Grade
9:15-10:10 3rd Grade
10:15-11:10 1st Grade
11:15-11:45 Lunch
11:45-12:40 Kindergarten
12:45-1:15 1st Grade Recess Duty
1:20-1:50 3rd Grade Recess Duty
1:55-2:25 Kindergarten Recess Duty
2:30-3:00 2nd Grade Recess Duty
3:00-3:45 Conference

Art Classroom Rules

1. Be Responsible
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Kind
4. Be Safe

1. More time to work on art projects!!!
2. "Art Star" of the day
3. Caught Ya Doing Good slips


1. Warning
2. Mark in book
3. Note home
4. Lower grade
5. Office referral

Identify and use a variety of lines in works of art.  Build balanced compositions using directional lines. Observe details and edges of objects when drawing.  Observe that the weight, direction and convergence of lines creates the illusion of depth.

Learn to simplify complex shapes into basic geometric shapes.  Learn the difference between 2-D and 3-D forms.  Learn about organic and geometric shapes and how they are used to create art.  Use overlapping, size differences and spatial placement of shapes to create depth.

Learn to enhance and add interest to art by using real and implied surface textures. 

Learn the color wheel and the properties of color.  Learn how to use color to express emotions. 

Learn different points of view such as bird's eye and worm's eye view.  Create the illusion of depth by using perspective. 

Learn that form is three dimensional and the illusion of form is created throught the use of perspecitive and shading techniques.  The use of value is studied. 

Art History 
Recognize various artworks by artists throughout history, as well as contemporary artists and their work.  Understand their contribution and respect their individual differences.

Learn how to create actual three dimensional forms using a variety a techniques.  Learn the basic handbuilding techniques with clay.