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May 14, 2012

 Call to Order - Chairman W. S. Sam Dickson

Closed Session - Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 2.2-3711 A (1) Personnel, A (7) Legal

Comments by Chairman

Approval of Agenda

Consent Agenda
               Section A: Approval of Minutes, Approval of Payroll
               April 9, 2012      April 11, 2012      April 23, 2012
               Section B: Board Approval Items, Additional Business Items
               Section C: Approval of Claims & Late arrivals
               Section D: Treasurer’s Report (For information only, subject to audit)

Sam McClendon - Recreation Department               BG 2e

Dennis Cole - Phase III Update                               BG 3a

J.B. Gardner - Sheriff Office Update                     BG 2e

Airport Commission Presentation                          BG 2d2

Wind Mill Policy Discussion                                   BG 2h, 2e

Public Hearing - Comprehensive Plan Strategy Matrix Modifications        BG 2a

Public Hearing - Road Abandonment

Public Hearing - Transfer                                      BG 2g

Proposed County Budget Presentation

Laurel Fork Fire Department Volunteers

Citizen’s Time

Supervisor’s Time


Department Reports
Board Appointed Reports

Click Here to download this Agenda (attachments not hyper-linked)

*Note:  Agenda and Documents may be changed without notice.  Last minute changes and late arrivals may not be reflected in the above documents