Video Resources

CMS Math
1.)  Mr. Myers' Classroom - games, puzzles and drill on number sense, fractions, geometry, and other topics.

2.)  Dan Meyer's Three Act Math Tasks - 68 video clips (Act 1 - visual) for students to view, think about (Act 2) and write about (Act 3).  AWESOME RESOURCE!

3.)  Dan Meyer's Questioning Strategies - Mr. Meyer provides a script to go along with a video clip, sharing his student questioning strategies.

4.)  Cyberchase - Game for fraction work; not supported by iPad.

5.)  Sing Along Videos (with words) - Math with music - not supported by iPad.

6.)  Visualizing Fractions - Not supported by iPad.

7.)  Math Fraction Videos - Not supported by iPad.

8.)  Resources for Teaching Fractions - Interactives, lessons, virtual manipulatives, games; not supported by iPad.

9.)  Fractions and Song - YouTube clip called Mario Fractions Song.

10.) Fraction Videos - Twelve fraction videos to choose from; supported by iPad.

11.)  Equivalent Fractions - Supported by iPad.

12.) Order of Operations - Supported by iPad.
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