The Arts

Artsonia - A special collection of lesson/unit plans for K-12 art.  You will need to sign up AND be a current NAEA member (ask your building principal/$85.00).

K-12 Resources
6-19-15   How to Write an Essential Question - Lots of great ideas packed into this post (and examples)!
3-24-15   Thirteen Must Have Chrome Apps for Music Teachers - Powerful apps that include virtual piano and one that will enable students to create their own music!

11-3-14   The unexpected math behind Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night - Watch this 4 1/2 minute video clip, answer some questions, dig deeper, and discuss this intriguing connection.

10-4-14   Thoughts on Teaching Art to Middle School Students - Free lesson plans, templates, MLS vocabulary ideas, and much more.

1.)  The Arts and the Common Core - ELA connections with art, music, and film aligned with ELA MLS strands in reading, writing, and speaking & listening skills.

2.)  National Coalition for Core Arts Standards - Draft review of proposed core arts standards for music, dance, visual arts, theatre, and media arts.

3.)  EDSITEment - The best of the humanities on the web (arts, foreign language, social studies, ELA).

4.)  Using Google Drive in the K-12 Art Classroom - Check out Artful Artsy Amy and her digital exit tickets.

5.)   Maasai Inspired Tribal African Necklaces- Artful Artsy Amy's Pinterest board which

includes this lesson and much more.  Click on "Artful Artsy Amy" to find lesson details  - ENJOY!
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